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Community Library Website Case Study – Part 10a – Restore the Database Using BackupBuddy

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This is the tenth in a series of live lessons on using WordPress and Thesis as a Content Management System (CMS). One of the large tasks is importing existing data into the WordPress database. A crucial part of testing that import is restoring the database when the import doesn’t work properly. In this video tutorial you will learn how to use the BackupBuddy plug-in to restore the database.

Video Transcript

And the first thing we’re going to do is entertain you wildly by destroying this website. And I’m going to go to Bluehost and let’s see, Now the reason why we’re doing this is because it is… the one thing I learned in about 8 hours of trying to make this work is that you need a fast system for testing and then going back to where it didn’t work and retesting again. And importing databases is… unless, you’re prepared to do it is not actually fast and simple.

So we went to Bluehost and we went php my admin… actually, I should just probably you know, here we are at the BluehostContro Panel, we’ll come down to php my admin, click on that and then my version of it requires me to log on. And right now, this is the database. Actually, I think I pulled the wrong one. Oh no, 27. This is the database that has the data. And what we’re going to do is we are going to check all and we’re going to delete all that stuff. It’s not what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to drop it or delete… I want to drop it, is what I want to do. So we’re dropping all the tables and everything else.

So now this database exists still but absolutely no data in it whatsoever. And if we were to open this up under the tab, we get this WordPress install thing because there is no database.

Okay so now what we’re going to do though is we are going to use my handy dandy little plugin for restoring this. I installed plugin called Backup Buddy and I downloaded the database before we began this. And I’m now going to restore the database here nice and quickly.

So this is you need to learn how to use this plugin, I’ve got other live answers that show how to actually use this plugin. But this is going to show you how quickly we can reinstall the database. We’re going to restore it to the same server and we’re going to take the next step and then we’re going to test our database settings and we’ll take the next step. And now, if we look at that… and if we come back over here, we need to log back in. Now we come back over to the site and it’s back live again.

So this is what we’re going to do for testing this.

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