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Convert a Static HTML Website to WordPress & Thesis 2.2

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Good morning everybody and welcome to this new case study “How to convert a static HTML website to WordPress and Thesis 2.2”. The site that we are going to be working with is the website and it is it is a website that’s been around a long time.

Drawbacks of a Site Made with a Generic HTML Editor

It was created using a generic HTML website editor and as such, it’s a relatively difficult thing to change and upgrade. For any changes, upgrades or additions the site owner has to relearn how to use this HTML website editor. In addition, it’s not responsive which means it doesn’t look good on a mobile device.

Benefits of Modern Web Design

The final outcome that we will have when we’re finished is a website that looks relatively like this and functions relatively like this but now has all the modern advantages.

  • Works well on mobile devices
  • Has excellent SEO
  • Easy to edit in the future

What You’ll Learn

So what are you going to learn in this seminar?

Basics of Managing Domains

You’re going to learn some of the basics of managing your domains, in particular how to point domain names, how to create subdomains and that kind of thing.

How to Transfer of Email from one Host to another

You’re going to learn how to transfer email from one host to another. That’s one of the big things we’re doing is moving this from the hosting account which does not allow for WordPress to be installed and moving it over to Bluehost where we do have WordPress hosting.

How to Transfer a Static HTML site from one Host to another

You’ll learn how to transfer a static HTML website from one host to another and you’ll see how easy that is to do. Actually it’s quite simple to do that.

Setup a Development Subdomain

You’ll also learn how to setup a development subdomain because we don’t want this website to go away just because we’re making this transfer and we’re upgrading to WordPress. So, we’ll create a development subdomain that we will install WordPress on. We’ll transfer the entire site over to that while this site stays intact. Then once that’s done we’ll clone that and move that back over to the live site.

Benefits of Converting an HTML Site

You’ll learn how to import content from a static website to WordPress. You’ll learn how to configure Thesis to look like this old site. You’ll also learn how to clone and copy the development subdomain. Finally, you’ll learn how to preserve your established SEO using 301 redirects.

We’re going to be talking about virtually all of the technical aspects of doing this job. This class is for anyone who owns an old HTML website and doesn’t want to throw it away. Many people when they go from HTML to WordPress just throw their whole site away and start from scratch.

That can certainly be a way to do it except that it often leaves your website down for an extended period of time and it also generally throws any established SEO that you have out the window. So this is for anybody you want doesn’t want to throw it away.

Process Available to Beginners

Most of the tasks that we’re going to be doing here can be performed by beginners. You don’t have to know very much if anything about web development in order to do most of this but there are a handful of tasks that I considered to be intermediate. That’s especially true when we’re talking about styling and Theses 2.2.

Before we really get into the meat of doing this, I want you to have an overview of the steps in the process. I’ve put a couple of handouts on the seminar here that you can download.

The first hand out is the one that we’re going to be looking at next which is essentially just an overview of the steps that we’re going to take. The second hand out is the outline for this lesson. Each week I’ll post the outline so that you can download it to have to refer to which will be especially handy when you’re looking at the videos.

So please feel free to download those for those of you who are seeing this recording rather than attending the live case study. You can find these documents from the main case study page.

Part 1 – Understanding the Steps in the Process

Part 2 – Download the Existing Files

Part 3 – Point the Domain Name from the Old Host to the New & Setup the Domain at the New Host

Part 4 – Upload the Full Contents of the Old Site to the New Host

Part 5 – Setup the Email at the New Host

Part 6 – Setup a Development Subdomain at New Host

Part 7 – Install WordPress on that Subdomain

Part 8 – What to do if you Install WordPress in the Wrong Spot

Part 9 – Install Thesis 2.2

Part 10 – Configure Pages on WordPress

Session 1 Question and Answer

Part 11 – The Structure & Layout of the Pages

Part 12 – Transfer Page Content

Part 13 – Configure the Menu

Part 14 – Configure the Widgets

Session 2 Question and Answer

Part 15 – Breakdown the Layout of the Page

Part 16 – Choose the Right Skin

Part 17 – Configure the Thesis Classic Responsive Skin

Part 18 – Setup the Front Template

Part 19 – Setup the Page Template

Part 20 – Setup the Menu Styles

Session 3 Question and Answer

Part 21 – Set Up the Feature Area Content Styles

Part 22 – Setup the Widget Styles

Part 23 – Setup the Footer Styles

Part 24 – Setup The Clinic Page Styles

Part 25 – Set Up The Custom Media Query Styles

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