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Part 6 – Setup a Development Subdomain at New Host

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It’s time to move on to the next step in converting this HTML website to WordPress and Thesis 2.2 and that is to set up a development subdomain.

We can do that by coming back to hosting, domains and then coming down to hypnoresolve and putting a check there. Then down here it says subdomains, manage subdomains. We’ll do that and we’re just going to call it We’ll put that in dev_hypnoresolve, so we’re going to create that folder.

Let’s return to subdomains and now we can actually come over and look at the folder structure. Here’s our file manager, we’ll come back to public_html. Now you can see dev_hypnoresolve has been added as well as hypnoresolve and a bunch of extra files have been added here.

We can’t really install WordPress yet on this development subdomain because we want to install WordPress on and is probably not yet resolving here. Although we could test it, we could try this dev.hypnoresolve… sometimes that happens very quickly. Look at that, the domain name is already resolving. That happened really quickly. studies/convert-html-website-to-thesis-22-pt5-email-setup-new-host-public-1.mp4
There are thousands of servers around the world that all have to be updated with this new name server so it could be that John over in the UK will try to reach dev.hypnoresolve and it won’t work while it works for me here in California no problem.

John says that he wants it eventually to have the URL of Yes that is something that we will set up, John, when we transfer WordPress over. Because for the time being if we did that, it’s going to resolve the same way. So that, in this case, is going to be a matter of setting up WordPress that way.

You can tell that’s the case. Let’s come back over here to domains and look at Manage the domain, the DNS records. If you come down here and look at the host record it says www will point to FTP p is going to point to it, pop and smtp are going to point to it, the mail is going to point to it, everything is going to resolve correctly.

We could delete this www here and then it wouldn’t write but it automatically sets it up so that www will resolve to this and the rest of that can be handled it with WordPress.

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