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Part 10 – Configure Pages on WordPress

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After the WordPress install on the new host, let’s see what it did with pages in that process. It created a front page and it’s got a sample page. It did not create a blog post page.

Let’s look under settings, in general. The times zone setting is really going to be UTC+8… you know it is UTC0 for London.

I’m going to come over look at the reading settings and it doesn’t have a Posts Page. I think we are going to add a blog posts page anyway because at some point they may in fact want to add posts. This way they don’t have to come back and do this.

So we’ll go back over to pages, all pages and we’re going to add… it’s called blog. Then we’ll come back over to settings and reading and we’ll set our blog page. And with that we’ll stop. This concludes part 1 of Converting an HTML website to WordPress and Thesis 2.2 video tutorials.

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