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Part 2 – Download the Existing Files

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The very first part of this process of converting an HTLM website to WordPress and Thesis 2.2 is to download the existing files because it’s going to take a little bit of time. The existing files are hosted here at this webhost.

Let’s look at domains for second. We’ll go to control panel, get out of the admin area and take a look at the domain names. He’s got all of these domain names currently posted on this The one that we will be transferring from here to Bluehost is

Domain Name remains with Original Host

We’re not going to actually transfer the domain name itself. We are going to point the domain name. John will still continue to pay the annual domain name fee that he pays right now. He’ll continue to pay that and they will continue to be his domain host but the website will be entirely different. It will be on Bluehost.

Locate Hosting Account

Let’s look at hosting for second that’s probably where it is. Hypnoresolve, that’s it. So this is his hosting account, it’s actually a Windows hosting server and as such it’s very difficult to install WordPress on so we aren’t going to be doing that. However, what we will do is take a look at the files.

File manager that’s where it is. So if we look at the file manager what I want to point out to you is that there’s no real way to download files here. For example, if we were to select this folder, there aren’t any buttons here for downloading the directory.

If we come and look at the web directory again the same thing is true. Okay, now we could actually download the file by clicking on this but then we also need this WP scripts. If we come over to WP scripts we need to download that plus we have to recreate the folder on the new site. The same thing holds true with WP generated.

Use FTP Client to Download Files

We have to download all of these individually so that isn’t a particularly easy way. It’s kind of a long and drawn-out way to download all the files. What we’re going to do instead of using the control panel to download these is we’re going to use an FTP client.

If you don’t know how to use an FTP client like FileZilla, I encourage you to search for FTP setup on my site. You can also come on over to one of the courses like the Start Building Your Website here course where I show you how to setup an FTP client if you don’t already know how to do that. I’m not going to repeat that information here.

We have an FTP client right now that is already configured to hook up to hypnoresolve and you can see that we have the same two folders logs and web. I’ve set up a folder over here on my hard drive that is hypnoresolve and that’s where I am right now.

I’m going to take this and begin the download. It downloads each file one at a time and it doesn’t know how many files there are so it can take a little bit of time for this download to happen. While it’s downloading we’re going to move on to setting up domain at the new host.

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