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Part 7 – Install WordPress on that Subdomain

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Now that we have setup the subdomain at the new host, let’s install WordPress on that subdomain. Here at the bluehost site let’s use this tool here to install WordPress. It does look a little bit different here.

Begin by selecting the domain and we want dev.hypnoresolve. We probably don’t have to add anything in the directory so let’s hit next. And we’ll use that password and then we’ll just edit it. Check all three of these. Add the sitename and hit install. They really want you to buy stuff from them which we don’t need here, of course, so skip. So you have two methods of installing WordPress at Bluehost obviously.

It’s showing us that the installation is complete and let’s click on view my credentials here. All this is it here. Okay, then my password and it brings us up to this sort of starting place. We have two choices, business or personal. Let’s click business… okay launch the new website.

This is where we’re going to come back over and get her information. We’ll just copy that. Hypnotherapy in London. Next, no we’re not going to update the site with news or blog posts. No, we’re not going to build a starter contact page. We’re not going to connect to and it has installed everything.

Now come on over to plugins and we’re going to delete anything not useful to us. We’re going to delete all of these except Akismet. All this is essentially just intended to sell you stuff and it doesn’t make any sense to clutter your setup with it. This is kind of like when you buy new computer and it’s loaded with bloatware to try and sell you junk.

We can deactivate Akismet for the time being. We may reactivate it when we install it, but for the moment we’ll deactivate it. So we’ve got our plugins, now we’re back to a nice, clean WordPress installation.

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