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Part 3 – Point the Domain Name from the Old Host to the New & Setup the Domain at the New Host

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Bluehost actually makes this fairly easy because what we’re going to do is create an add-on domain at Bluehost. Often when you’re creating an add-on domain that means you have bought the domain from Bluehost but you don’t necessarily have to buy the add-on domain for Bluehost in order to add it.

Types of Domains at BlueHost

As we will demonstrate here, you can have an add-on domain Bluehost that you actually bought at somewhere else and then simply point the domain over here and Bluehost will appropriately serve the files.

How to Build a WordPress Website Using BlueHost.

  • Primary Domain
  • Add-On Domain
  • Subdomains

You can have a primary domain which is the domain that you used when you set up the Bluehost account. You can have a add-on domain which is just like the primary domain, except that it’s not the primary. It is a domain you can add either by purchasing it through Bluehost or by doing what we’re going to do now. Finally, you can have subdomains and subdomains are always subdomains of a either your primary domain or one of your add-on domains.

Using Add-On Domain and Subdomains

We’re going to work on add-on domains and subdomains through the course of this project. The very first thing to do is to create an add-on domain and so we’re going to come down here to the domain manager.

Create an Add-On Domain

Come over here two domains like this. Add-ons is adding things on your hosting account and what we’re going to do here is assign a domain to your cPanel account. We’re going to use a domain that is not already associated with your account and that is hypnoresolve dot com.

It’s going to be an add-on domain. It’s not going to be a How to Convert a Parked Domain to an Add-on Domain at BlueHost which is a domain that just sits there and does nothing. You might redirect it to something else but it’s essentially just a holding place. An assigned domain is one that doesn’t point to a website but we’re not going to worry about that.

We’re going to specify a directory where we want the add-on domain to go to and we’re not going to use an existing directory. We’re going to create a new directory and it’s not going to be hypno but we’ll do hypnoresolve. That’s going to be our new directory. You could reach it using hypnosresolve dot hypnotherapypartners dot com before we get around to actually pointing the domain name to this location.

Create a New Directory

So, we’re going to create new directory and we’re going to assign this domain. It takes it a few minutes to do it. It’s verifying the domain. So now to verify ownership of the domain please point the name servers for the domain to hypnoresolve. These are the name servers that it wants you to point.

Because we’re going to leave this page I’m going to bring a notepad over here and copy this stuff and paste it. That way I have it accessible to me when I need it.

Point the Domain to New Location

We’ve created this domain and it’s already assigned. Now we’re going to have to go back over to this names dot co dot uk and go to DNS transfer options. and under DNS transfer options we’re going to say change name servers.

Now is when we need that information that we copied. The NS1.BLUEHOST dlot COM, that’s the first name server and the second one is NS2…and we can hit update.

Now it’s going to take 12 to 48 hours for this to resolve to the other site which is why we put the other files there first. We put the other files there first so that as soon as the new name change starts to resolve, it resolves over Bluehost and not here and names dot co dot uk.

Now it’s asking for the verify ownership thing. We’ll just go ahead and use an existing directory. We just need to give it a minute to do its thing here.

To Marina’s question, yes we could have gotten the EPP authorization code or we could have created this page and stuck it in the old website which would have verified it also.

Lets just edit it so we need to make sure it’s at the right spot. That’s okay, hypnoresolve is aliased to… oh, it’s already there directory public_html/hypnoresolve okay. So we are assigned to the correct location and that’s what we needed to be sure about.

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