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Rick: Good morning Elaine.

Elaine: Good morning.

Rick: I’m not sure I fully understand your question so why don’t you just ask it?

Subdomain vs Add-On Domain for Storage

Elaine: Okay, so if I want to get around paying for my add-on domain, can I just transfer all that material…

Rick: You don’t have to pay for an add-on domain if it’s…well, it depends. If you’re with a host that doesn’t limit the number of websites you have, you don’t have to pay for the add-on domain because you’re paying for hosting one way and you’re paying for your domain another way. Who’s your host?

Elaine: webhostingpad

Rick: Le’s see, webhostingpad… I’ll just look at their sales material here. Here’s find a plan that’s right for you, unlimited hosting space then with unlimited hosted domains. So since it has unlimited hosted domains and unlimited hosting, you’re not going to need to pay for the add-on domain if you already have the domain name someplace else.

Elaine: But is it more secure to have an add-on domain rather than a subdomain? If I’m just storing stuff in there, I’m really just storing a bunch of stuff.

Rick: I wouldn’t use an add-on domain then I just use a subdomain.

Elaine: Okay.


Rick: Yeah. It’s not really a question of security as much. I mean, if you’re storing stuff in a subdomain, you want to make sure that you have an htaccess file there that denies people the ability to, or actually this doesn’t have to be an htaccess file, it could just be index.html file in there that denies people the ability to look at the directory contents.

Elaine: Okay.

Rick: So, you could just create index and empty index.html, stick that in the folder, well in the subdomain…

Elaine: Well, yeah.

Rick: And then if somebody browses that subdomain, they’re just going to see that blank page they aren’t going to be able to see the contents of the subdirectory.

Elaine: I see.

Rick: I’m just going to show you an example. Let’s just say we try to go see /wp-content. In this folder there is an htaccess file that prevents you from being able to list the contents of this directory. Ordinarily, without that you would end up with a list of everything that’s there.

Elaine: Okay.

Rick: Right, now if you go to the directory, the automatic thing to do is to list the contents of the directory. So as long as you put an index.html file in there you’ll see a blank page like this.

Elaine: Okay, it’ll be like a gatekeeper.

Rick: Yes, exactly. Now if they know the name of the file that you’re storing there then they can still get to it but they’d have to know the name of the file.

Elaine: Okay, okay. Great.

Rick: Anything else?

Elaine: No that’s it.

Rick: Great, well you have a great day then!

Elaine: Thank you.

Let’s see Marilyn, no questions. Oh, well you’re welcome Marilyn, I enjoy teaching seminars. I have kind of been out of commission here for just about a year this last year and so I’ve done very little teaching except for the Wednesday live Q&A sessions which I have been doing the last year so I’m glad to get back in the swing of things.

How Do I Know When the Site Is Displayed at the New Host?

Well if that’s it for everybody I’m going to talk to John. Hey John what’s up?

John: Hey Rick, that was a very fascinating stuff. Great.

Rick: Actually, it amazed me how quickly the data transferred.

John: Yeah.

Rick: I mean that the URL transferred.

John: So is it actually in Bluehost now?

Rick: Yeah, it’s actually on bluehost now. Well at least, at least I can get to it from California.There are parts of the world where it probably isn’t yet.

John: And what’s the URL for the subdomain? Is it the old

Rick: No it’s dev.hypnoresolve .com

John: Okay.

Rick: And that that’s the URL for the WordPress website.

John: Okay, so have we actually moved the website yet from…

Rick: Yes. That’s what we spent more time doing, was moving the old files to
the new files and then pointing the domain to the new files.

John: Okay but it those new files are sitting on that hypnoresolve, is that what you’re saying?

Rick: No. No, I’m sorry the WordPress site, our development subdomain is called dev.hypnoresolve but the original website’s files reside at and when I go to it from where I am in California, that’s now taking me to the Bluehost site not site.

John: Okay and how do you know that that’s the case?

Rick: Because I was able to get to If you can’t get to, that’s because the name server has not resolved where you are.

John: Right.

Rick: But as soon as you can get to, you know that the is the one that’s being displayed on Bluehost.

John: Oh okay. Well it certainly is displaying here on but I don’t know if that’s the correct site…

Rick: Did you go to yet?

John: Uhm no, not that one.

Rick: Yeah, you know what, you won’t know it.

John: Does it have the www?

Rick: Nope. I can but doesn’t have to. You know, we could decide to edit this index.html file if we could go down to the very bottom.

John: Well who’s there?

Rick: I’m saying you could verify it by simply coming down here to just below the closing body tag or just above the closing body tag and putting in a paragraph saying bluehost version.

John: Yeah

Rick: And if we save it and we come back over here…just going to go to, whoops! Pardon me, Let’s go down here at the bottom. Here’s where it says Bluehost version, see. So that’s how you know for sure, I guess.

John: Okay… [laughs]

Rick: Well I know I’m still recording, it’s okay. I think some of his questions are going to be useful in the seminar so I’m just continuing then record them and I’ll post them with the videos. Anything else, John?

John: Actually I can’t see that… is that supposed to show up on the bottom?

Rick: It would show up on the very bottom, down the lower lower right-hand corner.

John: In

Rick: Yeah.

John: Yeah that’s not showing here for some reason.

Rick: Okay, I know what that means well, so reload it.

John: dev does show, actually.

Rick: dev does but the original one doesn’t, but hypno doesn’t?

John: well here comes… here comes most of it now, yeah. I guess everything is fine now. Yeah, it’s there.

Rick: Okay. Why don’t I just sent Anne an email? see… call it email test…

John: It should appear…

Rick: …sound and it should appear here in her uhm… where are we?

John: The name’s David in whatever we got the fall is it…

Rick: Uhuh… hosting, email, view inbox… there it is.

John: And you put a capital… a capital in it?

Rick: The first you know, the first always O is a capital.

John: Uhm, so that was… so I just need to change now the devices that can think about right and put in the Bluehost…

Rick: And essentially you use exactly the same stuff you’re using for the

John: Yeah. Okay. And the other thing I wanted to ask you about is the admin username and the other stuff which you did off obviously off camera… Do I need to know any of that stuff too?

Rick: Uhm, yeah I’ll email you the username and then you can change it.

John: Okay and is possible because with that…

Rick: That’s the stuff I’ll email you.

Changing the Site Title and Tagline

John: Okay but the other thing I want to ask you about was and can we change the site title to include only Annie Greig somewhere in there? Can we have some of it, come to pay for therapy in London, was that set in stone?

Rick: Oh no, it’s not set in stone, you can change anytime you want. Where are we? Okay, so general…

John: Because we seem to do it in Bluehost settings

Rick: No it’s not Bluehost setting, this is WordPress.

John: No, but when you were doing it looked like…

Rick: I was just I was just following the Bluehost…

John: Protocol, yeah.

Rick: Yeah, the Bluehost installation routine but this is something that you set inside of WordPress.

John: Yeah, okay and should you use UK spelling? Down there, you see where it’s got where we can change its language?

Rick:. Yeah it doesn’t have English UK as a choice…

John: I’m sorry.

Rick: Oh yeah, it does.

John: You just have some plugin and…

Rick: And actually you also have this, you also do this differently too, because you do it uhm…

John: How do you know them?

Rick: How do you do the date? 3 November?

John: Probably, yeah.

Rick: Yeah, like that but you still use 6:36 pm kind of thing, right?

John: Uh, I think so…

Rick: So, you know all that is under general settings in WordPress.

John: Okay.

Rick: Anything else?

John: Oh actually kind of, to get the members old and yes so for next time around any images or the thing that you need, do you want me to email this before?

Rick: You could simply upload them to the media library.

John: Okay, I’d upload them okay. So should I upload everything that is already on the HTML site?

Rick: No

John: Because it’s… remind me. You, will you get the images from there or do I… do you need those?

Rick: Well, it’s probably not absolutely critical to have the end images now. It just depends, we’re not using any of the images from the old site right? All of the images that we’re using are new and larger images that you’ve already created that we’ve already talked about. Those images you should go ahead and upload to the media library. I’m going to talk about why the images are the sizes they are, you know next week or the week after when we start talking about styling the site but uhm…

John: Okay. Can you just remind the sizes, though? I think you said as large as possible basically, didn’t you?

Rick: No…I was under the impression that I already created these images, if you haven’t created the images yet then the conversation about the right size of the images, we should just have in the context of the seminar. So don’t worry about that.

John: Frankly, I just… I can’t remember now. It looks like you went in and changed, you changed the password…

Rick: I did not, no.

John: Okay, because it’s starting to come off as something’s happened on my mail server, it keeps throwing it up for some reason…

Rick: Oh really, I thought it wouldn’t let… well then you’re going to have to go back in and change it back to whatever it was supposed to be because it, I thought it wouldn’t let me change that email, the password because the password I was using didn’t have a capital letter and by the time I was thinking about that I saw your note saying that I was changing the wrong one so…

John: Yeah

Rick: If you’re having a problem with it then just go back to log back into that account and put it right back…

John: So the thing for logging on to WordPress, or is it logging on to the HTML site at the moment?

Rick: Oh, you don’t have a…I mean the only way you log on to your HTML site, your HTML site doesn’t have a log on, right? You just log in to Bluehost and you access the files from Bluehost.

John: Yeah, so it’s just sitting on the Bluehost’s server at the moment, it doesn’t have a… it’s not the same as WordPress because it didn’t have those old WordPress site?

Rick: No, of course not because WordPress has all the log in routine, so…

John: Okay so the thing in you are sending me for the, you just look like you have put in a new domain password for to do with hypnoresolve when you were first, when you were first applying for it to use the…

Rick: That is because I screwed up and installed WordPress on hypnoresolve rather than on dev.hypnoresolve.

John: Okay so there are no passwords or anything I need to look up my, as it were hypnoresolve subdomain, is it not?

Rick: No.

John: Okay, alright so it’s just for the WordPress…

Rick: Right

John: Yeah. Okay and I think that’s all the questions I have on that. I think actually, something that leftover from the work we were doing yesterday on the hypnotherapy partners website and we’ll just spend a couple of hours in the wee hours last night trying to figure out but didn’t
manage to…

Rick: Well, why don’t we just post that question as a question on the forum and I can take a look at it there

John: Okay I’ll just send you an email on it but this part is on forum.

Rick: Okay.

John: I think that’s it really.

Rick: Okay, well have a good evening and we’ll chat again next week.

John: Great, Annie has been sitting here throughout, so she’s saying thank you.

Rick: You’re welcome, Annie. No problem.

John: Bye.

Using Gmail for Business

Rick: Okay let’s see, Elaine’s got another question go ahead Elaine?

Elaine: Yes Rick, you mentioned forwarding email from various clients to Gmail and is that a good idea? I am in the market to get a better central email client and do you have any recommendations?

Rick: Well.

Elaine: I guess with my hosting I have, what did you show on it, was called square…

Rick: Yeah that’s the web mail stuff the Round Cube and the Square Cube and whatever…

Eliane: That’s kind of crappy anyhow, but earthlink, you know I want to get out of that and a lot of people are using Gmail then you can somehow have your own business name at your email there…

Rick: Yes that’s what I do, that’s called Google for business…

Elaine: Yeah

Rick: And so all of the BYOB website email addresses, they’re all actually hosted and managed by Google even though the rest of the domain is managed by Bluehost and it’s hosted on WP engine but my email is all managed by Google for business. I like Gmail a lot, mostly because it essentially kills all spam.

Elaine: Okay.

Rick: And I can always access it from any device, I don’t have to have any special settings, all I have to do is you know open up Chrome on my new cell phone, log into my rick@byobwebsite account on Chrome and voila, I have all my documents, all my emails, all my spreadsheets, all my everything available…

Elaine: Okay. And so you have there, even different email addresses going to the same account?

Rick: Yes, I do have a number of other email addresses and I just have that Gmail account, check them and display them. For example this is my inbox and that inbox is actually taking things from this website, this email address…

Elaine: Yeah.

Rick: And my Gmail address and another Gmail address and another Gmail address and another regular address and I could have more I just, those are the five that use so…

Elaine: So if I wanted to transfer an existing account over to that, to Gmail is that possible?

Rick: Well if you’re…

Elaine: Or do I have to have a different… I’d have to have a different email address in order to switch it? I couldn’t keep my same email address and then transfer it over to Gmail, could I?

Rick: Well, depends what you mean by transfer. If you mean that it will…

Elaine: That I will stop using, you know the hosting accounts email but I want to transfer all those emails over to Gmail…

Rick: Yeah, I don’t… there’s no way to do that that I know of.

Elaine: Okay.

Rick: Well, let’s see is there an import feature? I’ll just go to mail for a second and manage this domain. Let’s see configure inbox, does that give me a chance to manage this domain? Okay. Data migration, yes you can actually import email…

Elaine: Wow.

Rick: As long as you’re using Google for business which is now, what do they call that now? It’s got a brand new name now what is it G Suit or something like that?

Elaine: Yeah, something… I forgot.

Rick: Yeah, G Suit, so as long as you’re using G Suit, you can authorize that kind of thing.

Elaine: And G Suit is like five dollars a month? That’s what somebody said I don’t know if it is true.

Rick: Yeah, I know it is true if you only have one email account, yeah. It’s five bucks a month.

Elaine: No, but even like you are doing, you have five different ones whatever…

Rick: Well, no, no. We have employees so like laura@byobwebsite and sheltzer@byobwebsite, those are all emails at byob website and are managed by G Suit or Google for business.

Elaine: Okay.

Rick: However the viewing of these other email addresses, viewing of these other email addresses you can do without paying for it doesn’t cost anything to view other email addresses in your Gmail inbox.

Elaine: Okay.

Rick: And you still get the same benefit, which is they take care of all the spam. I maybe have to delete one piece of spam a week…

Elaine: Okay.

Rick: Because Gmail does a good job.

Elaine: I definitely find it as spam yeah, but you don’t have any emails coming in that aren’t a Gmail account, right?

Rick: Yes I do, the tailoringtheweb is not a Gmail account.

Elaine: Okay.

Rick: These actually are free Gmail accounts right, andersonrickanderson is a personal Gmail account byobwebsite@gmail is the gmail account use for managing YouTube, is, this is the hosted one by Google. Web Design Bootcamp is not a Gmail account, so…

Elaine: So, how does it work? It doesn’t ever hit the other server? Wherever?

Rick: It does and then you know I’ve got a video actually on the site that tells you how to do this but all you really have to do is either leave it on the site once it gets it or don’t leave it on the site. I said on mine not to leave them because it doesn’t make any sense to me to have a whole bunch of emails piling up.

Elaine: Somewhere else, yeah.

Rick: Yeah.

Elaine: Oh, okay so there’s a video on here on your site about…

Rick: Yeah there is, it’s how to connect your email to Gmail web browser, yeah Gmail client, yeah.

Elaine: Oh okay great, it is a little complicated, it seems.

Rick: It’s actually it’s gotten so much easier now. See I’m already on mail, so what is this? You come down to settings and then under settings is accounts and then you can just add accounts right, add another email address to your own. You do that, you’ve got this little box to fill out and it’s very straightforward.

Elaine: Okay. So the first thing is just to get a Google my business account or whatever they’re calling it now?

Rick: Yeah, do that…

Elaine: I mean I have a Gmail account, I just want…

Rick: But you wanted to follow your domain name though, right?

Elaine: Yeah. Yeah.

Rick: The original reason for doing it was that I hate advertising. I don’t want to see advertising when I’m reading my email. In my Google for business account, I don’t have to see any advertising in my emails.

Elaine: Because now it puts it in another tab or something right?

Rick: It doesn’t even do that. If you’re using a Gmail account, a free Gmail account you’re going to see advertising in your free Gmail account…

Elaine: Right. Yeah.

Rick: If you’re using a business account you don’t see the advertising.

Elaine: I guess it just makes it real easy to just keep an eye on everything and, oh do you mind that Google, you know the reputation of Google’s that they’re going to look through all your stuff and then they know everything about you?

Rick: No I don’t mind and they do have a different kind of privacy controls for businesses.

Elaine: Okay.

Rick: They don’t do that to business customers.

Elaine: Wow! That’s nice. Okay great. It sounds like very low cost.

Rick: It is very low cost and I wouldn’t do it any other way anymore.

Elaine: Alright, now I know what direction to go in then. Thank you so much.

Rick: Anything else?

Elaine: No, thank you.

Rick: Okay, have a good day okay.

Elaine: You too. Bye.

Rick: Okay that wraps up for the day and then we’ll be back again on next Thursday for part two of this. Everybody have a lovely day and I look forward to chatting with you again next time.

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