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Part 8 – What to do if you Install WordPress in the Wrong Spot

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Now that we’ve installed WordPress on the subdomain, let’s look at WordPress tools. Click new install. It’s not going to be let’s change that to be We’re not going to put in a subfolder. We are going to add a site title. We’ll just let Hypno Resolve be the title. I’m going to set up the admin username. I’m adding my information to it and install WordPress.

Oh my gosh I screwed that up! I just installed WordPress in the wrong spot. That’s so funny. Let’s go back to host, I see file manager here, let’s go back to hypnoresolve. We’re going to have to delete all that and I’ve got to delete license.php, license.txt, readme.html and delete all those.

So this is how you solve the problem if you do the same silly thing I just did, index.php license.txt default.html… yeah we’ll just delete that too. Let’s make sure that our hypnoresolve actually still works… it does and let’s make sure dev still works… it does okay, let’s try that again.

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