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Part 4 – Upload the Full Contents of the Old Site to the New Host

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Now that we have pointed the domain name from the old host and setup the domain at the new host let’s check to see if the existing site files have downloaded. We’ll go to hosting and come to our file manager, files and file manager. That folder would be created under public_html, so we’ll open it up and there it is, hypnoresolve. Let’s open that up and the download of those files is now completed.

Zip up Files

So next I’m going to come over to where I have those files stored which is under websites and hypnoresolve. I’m just going to take this and I’m going to zip it up to be one file. So in Windows I’m going to send that to compressed folder. I have one file here to do that with.

Upload the Files

Then here on control panel I’m going to upload that one file. Choose the file and again that is here on data and web sites and hypnoresolve. There’s web_zip and it’s seven percent complete. We’ll wait till it says it is completed. It takes a little bit of time but it would have taken a lot longer if it had been each individual file. Bluehost has the ability to unzip files so that makes it a fair bit easier for us.

Extract the Files

It now says it’s complete so we’ll go back to hypnoresolve and there it is. Now when we select this and then right click on it we should be able to extract. Yes, and we’re going to extract it all into hypnoresolve. So extract the files.

Let’s refresh this. So reload and there that is. We don’t actually want it all to be in this web folder, so we’re just going to take everything here and select all of it. Say move and now we’re going to move all of that to hypnoresolve.

Move the Files

Move the files. So we can go up one level now. This web folder is empty but all of our contents are in here just as it should be. So we can come over here and say delete for that web directory, delete the file. Now we have the _wp_generated, the _wp_scripts, the mp3, photo and then index.html and page 2.html.

This is a fairly simple HTML site. It only has two pages to it so we now have those available to us plus we’ve got the original zip file here if we feel like we need to go back and get it again.

View the Site

Now that we have transferred all the files we can view the site. It’s not going to work properly because it still has all the wrong… Actually, look at that it popped right up.

So because of where all these images are the hosting is still working. The images are all relative. It works just fine so you can see that’s what it looks like now that we’ve transferred everything. And if we go to clinic locations it’s still taking us to the right spot because all of these URLs are relative, so you can see it’s all properly moved over without any problem.

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