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Create a Magazine Style Blog Site with Thesis 2

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Learn the tools inherent in WordPress for creating a magazine style website and the revolutionary new Thesis 2 tools that allow you to customize all aspects of how the site looks. It is typical of magazine style sites to organize their content around a number of primary subjects and then to have a unique style for each of those subjects. In this case study we will demonstrate how to do that in Thesis 2.

We re-organizing a site ( that is in development. It has a well developed concept and visual style yet it fails to take full advantage of WordPress tools for creating such a site. We retrofit those tools into the site and then develop a series of custom templates that provide different styles, menus and content for different subjects.

  • Overview of the site
  • Identifying the main topics
  • Static Content vs Dynamic Content
  • WordPress tools for organizing the site
  • Create Category Structure
  • Fix the Post/Page Structure
  • Create the Category Menus
  • Create the Main Topic Pages
  • Create the Main Topic Templates
  • Create the Custom post templates
  • Create the Custom page templates
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4 comments… add one
  • STEVE MACHADO June 13, 2013, 9:37 pm

    Are you using Agility Nude with the magazine style blog?

  • Bas Burger July 20, 2013, 11:29 am

    Is there a special reason for not using Agility here? With other words what is the reason(s) for choosing Thesis Classic for this magazine style blog?

    • Rick Anderson July 24, 2013, 3:25 pm

      Bas, the seminar is taught on an actual member site who had begun in Thesis Classic. As it is, very little of the seminar is skin specific anyway. If you can do it in Classic, you can do it in Agility.