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Create a Magazine Style Blog Site with Thesis 2 – Part 9 – Add Categories to Posts

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Now that we’ve organized some pages and moved some pages into posts, we’re going to come over here to our posts. As you can see we’ve got a whole bunch of more posts, actually 18 posts.

Edit and Reorganize Categories

So you can see where we’ve got this opportunity to edit the categories. So Travel, we’ve got that one done. There are a bunch of different Education. We’re going to make sure that this is under Toddler Education and it’s not so let’s go find Toddler. I guess it was under Toddler Education so we can cancel that one.

10 Ways Parents Can Help Their Child Excel, that is probably not Toddler Education, that probably is Kid Education. So we save that there and then Babies Education is not Toddler Education but in fact, it is Babies Education.

Then Education isn’t Toddler Education but I think we can go ahead and say that’s probably Kid Education as well then. Toddler Flu Symptoms, that is not uncategorized but should be Toddler Health and When Your Teen Starts to Drive is going to be Teens, I would probably call that Development myself.

Body Piercing, that’s probably under Teen Health, it is under Teen Health already. Let’s Talk About Sex, Teens and Sex. Fine Arts & Crafts, it’s going to be Kids Zone, Fun Easy Sleepovers, that’s going to be Kids Zone. We’re going to uncheck uncategorized, click on the Kids Zone. Look at that, we’ve saved some of these as categorized, uncategorized and Kids Zone, I just want to uncheck uncategorized for all of them.

Then Mommy Blog, we’re going to make that one Moms and for the moment, I’m just going to call it Health. And No Title and Hello World. We’re just going to delete and Hello World we’ll delete. Instagram didn’t get categorized so Instagram and I’m guessing that that’s probably Health and Poor Sleep – Poor Grades, that’s going to be Kids Health.

Now all of our posts are categorized and we have all that stuff published. Next week when we get back together, we will start creating archive pages for all of these things so all of those will show up correctly.

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