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Create a Magazine Style Blog Site with Thesis 2 – Part 7 – Fix the Post/Page Structure

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The next thing we’re going to do is install a couple of plugins to help us with this organization. So we’re going to come over here to the dashboard go to plugins and add new.

Install Admin Management Xtended Plugin

When you’re maintaining a site with lots of pages and lots of posts, really, it can be very useful for you to have some management plugins. The first one we are going to add and install is Admin Management Xtended and install. We have successfully installed, we’ll activate it and it’s going to give you a quick little tour of the plugin, what it does.

Let’s come back over to our pages. What the plugin has done is it has added these actions to it. If you click on this, you can change the title without having to open up the page, you can hide it, you can change the publication date, you can edit the page slug, you can change whether or not comment status and you can do all of that from here.

You can also change the author and you can take a look at page revisions all from inside of admin screen without having to actually open up this thing. This is going to be particularly useful when we get to posts because you can also add categories that way.

Using Post Type Switcher Plugin

The next piece of software that we’ll add to this is the Post Type Switcher plugin. Add new. Because we’re going to use it to change pages into posts. Install it. And now what we’re going to do is take a quick look at our pages and figure out which of these needs to be turned into posts.

Locate Pages that should be Posts

Activate the plugin and come back over here to look at our pages, all pages. Now, remember we said 6 Min Workout sounds like a post so we’re going to just right click on this and say, Edit this item in the new tab.

Aches and Pains, I believe this is still part of Pregnancy so we’re going to leave it alone, Ask the Doctor I think is also part of Pregnancy so we’re going to leave it alone. Babies, we’re going to leave alone. Blogs, Tv, we’re going to ignore but then we’re going edit Body Piercing, edit City vs Country.

Cooking with Kids is going to be its own, this is really like a subcategory. Critical 1st Weeks, that’s like a post so we’ll quick edit it, open link in new tab. Depression, Drugs, Education, Family, Family Getaways, Family Management, Healthy Pregnancy, we’re going to use those static. Then Instagram, that’s obviously post like.

Kids, Kid Kouture, Kid Zone, those are all like subcategories or categories. Overweight Kids, I think we can safely say that’s a post so open link in new tab. Morning Sickness, that’s probably going to go under Pregnancy and Health as a static content.

Old School vs New, I think we’re going to make that into a post, Peer Pressure, Planning, those are subcategories, Poor Sleep – Poor Grades, that’s going to be a post. Preconception Health, Pregnancy, Fertilization, all that stuff is all static.

Signs of Pregnancy, that’s probably static. Talk about alcohol with your teen, that’s going to be a post. That is not, Toddler Flu Symptoms, that’s a post, When Your Teen Starts to Drive, that’s a post. Word to the Mother, that’s a post, Working at home Moms, that’s a post.

Turn Pages into Posts Using the Plugin

So we’ve opened up all of these things here as ready to edit. So now, what we’re going to do is come along and we’re going to under post type, we’re going to switch it from page to post. Say okay to that and update it. Then we’re just going to work our way through the list here. Update it, update it.

So the 6 Min Workout, Body Piercing, City vs Country, those are the only ones that got edited correctly. So now that we’ve updated these as a post though, no, that didn’t get updated as a post. This one got updated properly as a post. Body Piercing, that’s obviously under Teens so we’re just going to select this and I’m guessing that Body Piercing is Health so we’re going to select that.

Only one category per post. Update that. And come over to this one, this is City vs Country and I am going to guess that is Lifestyle under Family so we’ll update that and now, we’re on the 6 Min Workout and that’s going to be under Pregnancy Health I believe. So we update that one.

We’ve got 3 posts actually changed. Let’s see, Cooking with Kids, Critical 1st Weeks, Depression, Drugs, Family, back down here to Instagram, we’re just going to open that one. Not quick edit though, regular edit.

Below Instagram was Overweight Kids so we’ll quick edit that one. Let’s Talk about Sex, Pregnancy back down here to the bottom, pick up a few more. So then, When Your Teen Starts to Drive, we’re going to make that one a post.

And then Let’s Talk about Sex, we’re going to make that one a post then Poor Sleep – Poor Grades, we’re going to make that one a post and Toddler Flu Symptoms, make that one a post then Instagram, post and Kids Overweight as a post.

So we’ve got all these things set up as posts now instead of pages. In terms of categories, we’re looking at Kids Health for that one so we’ll update it and actually, I’m just going to go to here and close all of these edited posts now because we’re going to use the other plugin for assigning categories.

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