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Create a Magazine Style Blog Site with Thesis 2 – Part 5 – Identifying Static and Dynamic Content in Our Magazine Site

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Now that we are finished with our theoretical discussion, we’re going to take that discussion and come back over here and look at this magazine style site because right now, we need to draw a distinction between static and dynamic content on the site.

What Makes Content Static?

Content is static if it doesn’t change, if you can set it up and forget it and only have to maintain it. There is some content here that is static. For example, their article on Planning, this is something that they want available to everybody who comes to their site and it’s never going to be superseded by something that’s newer. If they’re going to add anything to it, they’re going to just change this page itself. Otherwise, this is static content.

The same thing is true with Pregnancy. They’ve got this section called Pregnancy and inside the 1st Trimester, they’re telling you what to expect in the 1st Trimester in Week 2. Well, this is very static content.

This content is not going to change until the knowledge about this changes so it’s not like a blog post that may become old and out of date because it was written in 2009. This content is not going to change from year to year or from week to week and as such again, constitutes by that definition, static content.

The same thing is true with this section here for Babies, Your Baby’s 1st Year. They’ve got this section here where you’ve got the newborn and it’s talking about what goes on with the newborn and so here’s Week 1 and you can click on this to go to Month 2. This is the stuff that you can expect in Month 2 and click on 3 and see what you expect in Month 3 and so on and so forth.

Using Pages for Static Content

This stuff is static, this is the stuff that’s not really going to change, it’s certainly not going to change as new content gets posted. So, this makes perfect static content and as such, using WordPress’ organizational system, you really want to use pages for organizing that.

What Makes Content Dynamic?

On the other hand, we also need to identify dynamic content. So if something is going to change, if you expect to be constantly adding to it with new information, if you’re adding new posts, that’s dynamic content.

The pages that are going to display your latest posts, those pages are dynamic pages. The same thing will be true with like these things, categories. If you click on this Categories page or this Kid page, it takes you to the Kid page where this is essentially a slider of recent posts that you can click through to go see the most recent post.

And that means this page changes every time a new post is added and these are also supposed to be either featured posts or recent posts and this list of posts end up changing every time a post is added. This is considered to be dynamic content.

Using Posts for Dynamic Content

Really the right way to organize Toddlers, Kids, Teens and Family is to do this as dynamic content which means you’re going to use posts to do this. You’re going to let these pages that we have here be automatically generated by WordPress as Category Archive pages and then you’re going to let the Category Archive pages automatically display the latest posts in that specific category. That’s what makes this content dynamic.

Reviewing Existing Page Content on the babyofcolor Site

If we come over and take a look at the site though as it sits, let’s look at our pages and we can see there are 102. Now, I’ve come up here to my screen options and said to show me 200 pages so I can just scroll through them and I don’t have to constantly page through them. But there are 102 pages in this and if you look at them closely, you’ll realize that some of these things really shouldn’t be static.

For example, we look at the Babies with Newborn, 1 Month Old, 2 Month Old and we agreed that these things should be static because that’s not really going to change. But 6 Min Workout sounds very much like a post and Aches and Pains sounds very much like a post. So too do Body Piercing sounds and Depression and Drugs. These are actually going to be categories.

There’s a Let’s Talk About Sex, Morning Sickness and Peer Pressure. These things all sound really like posts because you can imagine having repeated posts based on that content.

Now, the same thing is true with this Pregnancy section. Remember we looked at this trimesters. In each of the weeks in this trimester, these really want to be static content and so it’s appropriate for pages. But really, when you start looking around here Talk About Alcohol with your Teen, Teen Bullying, Toddler Flu Symptoms, all that sort of thing really doesn’t look like static content, this really looks like it would be best as dynamic content.

Reviewing Existing Post Content on the babyofcolor Site

Now, if we go look at the dynamic content that’s already set up, we go look at our categories. There are only two categories created, four posts assigned to Education and one to Travel. So right now, none of those big topics that we talked are categories.

And the same thing is true with tags, there are essentially no post tags. If we go over to look at posts, let’s see, there are a total of 11 posts and you might look at this and say to yourself, Toddlers Education, Baby’s Education, Kid Zone, this is the same kind of content over here in pages.

Reorganizing Pages, Posts and Taxonomy

So there’s this overlap in the original creator’s minds between what should be dynamic content and what should be static content. We’re going to clean all that up as part of the process of doing this.

We’re going to take all the static content out of here and put it in the dynamic content, organize it by category and all that kind of stuff. And I am going to show you tools that you can use to make that a lot easier or faster.

You may find yourself in an exactly the same situation, that you started with something and you thought you were going to use pages for it and then you realize what you really want to do is use posts after this presentation.

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