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Create a Magazine Style Blog Site with Thesis 2 – Part 21 – Review and Setup the Default Single Post Template

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The next thing we’re going to do is take a look at the single post template and this is where we’re going to spend the rest of our time today. If we just look at a single post for a moment, let’s look at the Toddlers post, we’ve got Toddlers Education. You can see the first place that the Toddlers stuff is missing from here and there’s no image, there’s no related posts, none of that kind of stuff is on here and it’s using the new page template.

Set Up the Default Template

What we’re going to do here now is we’re going to edit this post, he’s got a Todds template so we’ll give it the Todds template and then we’ll go fix it and see what happens. Actually, no, we’re not going to do that, we’ll set up the default template so we’re going to come over here and go to our default single template and right now, our default single template has these widget areas in them and this should be more like our home template so what we’re going to do is take out the Header Row 4 Blog Column 1 and Header Row 4 Blog Column 2.

Actually, let’s see what’s in those before we take those out, Appearance and Widgets, Header Row 4 Toddlers, Header Row 4 Pregnancy, Planning, Babies, Kids, Teens, Family, Celebs, Blog. Column 1, yes, it has the Home in it so we’re just going to drag these out of here Blog Column 1 and Blog Column 2 and in those places, we’re going to find our Home Header 1 and Home Header 2, that we’re going to drag up there. So Home Header 1 goes into Row 4 Column 1 and Home Header 2 goes into Row 4 Column 2 so that’s where we start.

Add a Featured Image to the Custom Template

First, widget area, our Home Post Box so let’s go ahead and save this template. Let’s edit this post, this is Toddlers Education, let’s give this no custom template for a moment so we can see what our default one looks like. Our default template is still missing a featured image and then we’re going to add another query box to it so Home Post Box, let’s see, where’s our featured image and this is the featured thumbnail. This time we’re going to use the Full Featured Image so we’re going to use the BYOB Featured Image and we’re going to use Full Sized Image.

We’ll drag that up here into place and I think actually, we’ll put the image above the Headline, Author and Content. You know, I think we should probably put Categories here too so we’ll put that there and we’re also going to put Date up there so we have Author, Date and Categories and then the Content so if let’s save our template here and refresh it.

I inadvertently picked the thumbnail image though so let’s change our Full Sized Image to full size and see what happens. Actually, let’s just make it large, image alignment, none, no, there’s no reason to link it to the post, save the template, review the template.

You know, maybe the image like this probably is better off being inside the content then so I’m going to move this Full Sized Image here just before the Content, I need to make it align left. Now, that you give this a nice image placement, not quite what I was looking for. For the time being, I think I’m going to move that up out of there. If I did that, then those (08:09) could sit beside it and it might not be a good idea. It looks okay there, we’ll let it sit like this and we’ll see what it looks like in another instance. Now, we should also maybe add a little bit of note there to that category so that category says, Category: there we go.

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