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Create a Magazine Style Blog Site with Thesis 2 – Part 10 – Session 1 Q&A

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I’m going to start taking questions. I’m looking at the questions that people have left here. I’m going to start off with Tom Huntington. Good afternoon, Tom I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

Using Post Order Plugin for Sequencing Posts

Tom: Hello, Rick. Thanks.

Rick: So, what can I answer for you?

Tom: Well, it was the sequencing of posts and you go in after the fact and change the date that you did the posts so that it shows up in the sequence you want it rather than a more recently published post?

Rick: Well, you wouldn’t use date as the sequencing if you want posts sequencing because post sequencing happens backwards. So if you want to assign an order to the way in which posts are laid out, you want to use a plugin like let’s see plugins, post order. I forgot the name of it, well, My Post Order might be appropriate, something like this where you can change the order in which posts show up. However, if it’s in an order like that, well no, I guess it’s a specialized when you want posts in a specific order like that and that order doesn’t have anything to do with the taxonomy.

Let’s just say you had a series of lessons that you want as posts, I would probably add a custom taxonomy called Lesson then assign them Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3 or something like that or I would use something like this plugin here that lets you select a specific post order. Why don’t you describe your specific situation?

How to Use Sticky Post to Interrupt Regular Blog Post Order

Tom: It just was let’s say, I did this post and I published it and then a week later I published another post where I started to publish another post and say, “Oh, I want this one to show up before the one I published the one last week. I want the one I published last week to show up before this in the order”. That’s all.

Rick: The thing is that, that’s always going to be a moving target. The way you interrupt the moving target is by using sticky posts. So if you want one post always to stay at the top, you stick that post and that’s right over here under this Published and it’s under Visibility. If you say, Stick this post to front page, it’s going to stay at the top of the order no matter what.

Tom: Ah, okay. Good to know.

Rick: So, that’s what you want to do if you want to interrupt regular blog post order with something that’s more important.

Tom: Okay, good to know. Thank you.

Rick: Okay? You’re welcome.

Tom: That’s it.

Rick: Okay, well you have a great day.

Tom: Thank you, Rick and thanks for this class, it’s great.

Rick: You betcha. Well, talk to you later. Bye bye. So next up is John Greg. Good afternoon, John I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

How to Distinguish Posts from Pages

John: Hi, Rick. Good to be on this seminar. Thank you. So I was caught a bit confused I think at the beginning when you were creating those categories. I think my confusion was that I thought we were saying posts couldn’t have parents and childs but I think in categories are the taxonomies, is that right?

Rick: Yes, a category is the taxonomy and it can have parents and childs. So what you’re doing is you’re drawing the distinction between posts and pages. Two different types of content distinguished by how they can be organized. Pages can’t have categories.

John: Right, okay.

Rick: But they have their own inherent hierarchy so they can have parent-child relationships. Posts have no inherent hierarchy besides sequential but they can have categories which then can use hierarchy.

John: Right, okay. So that’s where my confusion came in. So I understand that, so then you’re assigning different place to those categories and then they appear according to the date order presumably.

Rick: Yes, that’s exactly right, they will unless you do something to change it, they will show up in the order in which they were published with the latest post at the top.

John: Unless you do that thing of sticking a post and then it appear presumably at the top of that particular category in the page.

Rick: It would generally appear at the top of that particular category although you wouldn’t use a sticky post for that purpose. You’d want to do something else for that and I can show you how to do a featured post of a specific category on a category archive page when we start doing the templates.

John: Right, okay. When you were doing the switching pages to posts, which plugin were you using for that?

Rick: It’s called the Post Type Switcher.

John: Okay. So is that my post order?

Rick: No, it’s called Post Type Switcher.

John: Oh, Post Type Switcher okay. So, is that the Easyrotator sort of brand thing that came up?

Rick: Easyrotator is a plugin that they’re using on this site for their rotating galleries.

John: Okay so I should ignore that.

Rick: Yes.

John: Alright. Good, okay. I think it has helped me understand it more. Thank you very much.

Rick: Okay. You’re welcome. You have a good evening.

John: Yeah, you too Rick. Thanks.

Hosting Questions

Rick: Bye. Okay, let’s see so Peter has a couple of questions. Good afternoon, Peter I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

Peter: Hello, Rick. Do you understand me?

Rick: I can, yes.

Peter: I’ve seen you host your sites on GoDaddy, what do you think about Bluehost?

Rick: Actually, I prefer Bluehost to GoDaddy considerably. This site is not my site, this site belongs to a member of BYOBWebsite that I’m using to demonstrate these subjects and so it’s being hosted on GoDaddy but I personally wouldn’t choose a host on GoDaddy mostly because it seems to me to be a fair bit slower than other hosts but I do plan on teaching classes on how to use GoDaddy because the wonderful thing about GoDaddy is it doesn’t charge you for this. It has this backup system that’s fantastic and that you don’t have to pay any extra for, everybody else you have to pay extra for but for shared hosting, Bluehost is my favorite host. In close 2nd and 3rd place are InMotion hosting and Hostgator.

Peter: Okay. Please. Thank you. Thank you very much for the webinar.

Rick: You’re welcome. I’m sorry, I saw you said you didn’t want to talk live. I’m sorry about that.

Peter: Okay, no problem.

Rick: But your English was fine, Peter. It’s fine.

Peter: Thanks.

Rick: Okay well, you have a lovely evening.

Peter: Yes, thank you.

Rick: Bye. Let’s see, Bob Jordan has got a question. Good afternoon, Bob I’ve just unmuted your microphone. Hello, Bob are you with us? I’ve just unmuted your microphone. Yes, this is a Thesis 2 site, this is a Thesis Classic site. It does not use very many of my boxes but we’ll be adding some of them to the site here as we work our way through it.

Let’s look at the boxes for a second, definitely it’s not using any of my boxes yet but we will be using them, a couple of my boxes when we start working on the templates next week. So it’s a Thesis 2 site with Thesis Classic Skin. Okay, anybody else? Let’s see, I’m going to take a quick browse through the questions that people posted and see if I can find them. So I’ll just scroll all the way back up to the top.

Jessica asked a question, let’s see is Jessica here? Okay, Jessica I’ll come back to this question, “How do I get the jpeg picture of my heading to show instead of all the copy in the header section?” Actually, why not, that’s fine. Jessica I’ve just unmuted your microphone, are you with me? Hello, Jessica. Okay, I’ll give her a moment to get her microphone figured while I move on down to another question.

Let’s see, Pamela Anders, is Pamela here today? Pamela is here, Pamela I’m going to unmute your microphone here. Good afternoon, Pamela I’ve just unmuted your microphone. You’re almost there, hello. I’ll just keep chatting, it sounded like you came on there and then dropped off for just a second. I’m just going to keep you going here for a moment. So, I’m going to leave you on as well.

Richard has asked me what is this look like now in the site? Well, it didn’t really change any of the appearance of the site yet because these aren’t categories yet so there hasn’t been any inherent change to the site yet. That’s going to come when we start adding templates to the site and start changing these from pages to categories because right now, these are all still just pages.

Pamela, I’ll still leave your microphone unmuted here and if you don’t have a microphone, you still want me to address your question, you can just indicate so on the question box from the chat window or something. Brian thinks that my audio toggles working back to front although I’m not quite sure how that would be the case given that I’ve succeeded in getting other people on but could be.

Let’s see Kathy Purdy, is Kathy here? Nope, she’s not here. Josh Plotkin, is Josh here? No, he wants to know how to have 6 categories show up on the front page, with the name of each category and the most recent post. We’re definitely going to work on that kind of stuff next week and it’s not going to just come up in today’s session. Wendell Saunders, let’s see, no, not here either. Steve I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

Creating Menus and Placing Them on Category Pages

Steve: Hi. I can’t really talk here.

Rick: Okay, that’s fine. I’ll go ahead and mute you but the answer to your question is that, it’s exactly what we’re going to be working on next week, which is how to create the child menus and how to put those menus on the category pages so that your Kid submenu is on the Kid category page and your Teen submenu is on the Teen category page. That’s exactly what we’re going to be working on next week so if you can come back next week, we’ll definitely be doing that.

Let’s see, Ann wants to know if it’s next Monday the same time? Yes, and I forgot to mention this at the beginning, if you’re registered for this class which you obviously did since you’re here, if you’re registered for this class then you’re automatically registered for the next two sessions. You’ll continue to get emails from me reminding you of the webinar so that you can log in but if you’re registered for one, you’re registered for all.

So, next week that is what we’re going to talk about. Somebody asked whether or not this recording is also going to be free to watch back. For the duration of the course, it is. So for the next 3 weeks, this seminar will be free for anybody to watch and then at the end of that 3 weeks, it’ll move over to the premium side of the site. Looks like that’s probably and pretty much all of the questions. We’re just about our time anyway, I think we’ll go ahead and call it a day.

We will be back next week at the same time for session 2 where we do the archive templates and then session 3, we’ll be working on the custom single post templates. I’m looking forward to having everybody back with us again next week. Everybody have a great week. You didn’t notice from the calendar, I’m actually on vacation this week, my whole family is here with us so I will be answering forum posts but there’s no Wednesday session this week. Anyway, everybody have a lovely week, I look forward talking to you again next week. Bye.

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