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Create a Magazine Style Blog Site with Thesis 2 – Part 12 – Setup Template Specific Header Images

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Add Text Boxes to the Front Page Template

What we’re going to do is use text boxes for this here on the Front Page Template. So we’re going to start off down here with the text box. I’ll call it Home Header 1 and Home Header 2. We’ll drag our text box up into place so we’ve got Column 1 here and in fact, I’m just going to drag this up since I’m going to be doing stuff in there anyway, there it is.

Use Text Boxes in place of the of Widgets

Now I’ve got Home Header 1 and then shift drag Home Header 2 over to here. Now, in Home Header 1, we’re going to disable automatic p tags, we’re going to have it no HTML wrapper and then we’re going to paste that code that he had in here.

Let’s come back over to our widgets and copy this code, paste it there for Home Header 1. Do the same thing for Home Header 2, disable the automatic p tags, get rid of the HTML wrapper and Home Column 2. Actually, we’re going to get rid of the p, we’re not going to copy the p tags there either.

Now, what we’ve done is we’ve just put this to 2 links. This one’s an image link and then the other one is just an image and we put them in these text boxes. If we save our template now and refresh this, you can see that the babyofcolor stuff shows up twice, these things show up twice.

Delete the old Widgets and Sidebars

So now we’re going to get rid of those two widgets. Once we’ve gotten rid of the widgets, we’re going to get rid of the sidebars. So we’ll delete this one and we delete this one then we’ll come back over to the skin editor.

Delete Extraneous Columns in the Template

Let’s open up our front page, Header Row 4 and we’re going to take column 2 out, drop it all the way down here in the trash actually. And then come along here and drag and drop that one out of here because what I want to do is delete these, Home Column 1, Home Column 2 are now in the delete box.

Review Changes to the Front Page Template

Now I’ll save the front page template. Let’s come back over here, now this looks like it’s supposed to look and if we come back over to our widgets panel and refresh our widgets panel, we no longer have those widget areas showing up here, Header Row 4 Home 1 and Home 2 are no longer here which is what our goal was. So we’ve got those two images where we want them.

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