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Create a Magazine Style Blog Site with Thesis 2 – Part 16 – Setup the Default Archive Template

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We’ve been working on the Front Page Template but this isn’t really an Archive Page, it’s sort of a blog-like page. But now we’ll begin working on the Archive pages and we’ll begin with the Toddlers archive page now.

Copy Front Page Template to the Archive Template

Notice that we’ve got these 2 different colors here and this is using the Toddlers template. And I think what we’re going to do is start by going to the archive template and copying to it the front page template.

Modify the Archive Template to Match Existing Site Archive Style

This is an exact copy of what we just did except that now, what we’re going to do is change up Header Row 4. And we’re doing that because we’re not going to use home header text boxes here and we are not going to use Featured Posts Loop.

So we’ll drag that one out, we’ll drag it out of Home Header 2. Actually, we’re going to leave Home Header 1 and 2 in here for the moment because the standard archive page default may very well just want to say what it says here.

What we’ll do is we’ll leave that part of it alone but we will drag out the Feature Box and we will drag out the Single Post Box. We’re going to come down here and find our Home Post Box and drop it in there instead.

Set Up Archive Intro Box

Then we’re going to find our Archive Intro Box so we’ll shift and we’ll do Archive Intro and that’s going to come into Column 1 above the Loop and we’ll do Archive Nav which is Next Posts and Previous Posts in Column 1 but it’s going to go below the Loop.

The Archive Intro I think is empty but it won’t stay empty because what we’ll do is bring our Archive Title and Content into it so we’ll shift and drag content up into Archive Intro. Then we’re going to shift drag Archive Title in there as well.

Clean Out Home Post Box and Add Featured Image

Then we open up our Home Post Box and again, we don’t care about the Author, we don’t care about that, we don’t care about Content. We do want the Excerpt. And we are going to find the Featured Image, here it is, and we’re going to drop that there. Now we’ll save that template and next we’ll look at our template options.

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