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Custom Post Type Case Study – Part 10 – Refine the Shortcode Function

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In this session, we refine the shortcode function code to rearrange how various elements are displayed.

Video Transcript

You know, you could choose to put the… you know, you could have the full reference and a… I don’t know what you’d call that little thing. What do you call the numbers after the reference?

That’s actually the citation. That’s the…

Okay, we’re going to confuse everything if we used… to term citations since you’ve got citations elsewhere.

Let me get my law book and see.

Maybe we’ll just call it reference citation. So in that case, what you would do is this…

The reporter. That’s the reporter.

What’s that? It’s the reporter?

Yeah. You have the volume numbers and the reporter abbreviation then the page number.

Okay so I just created a new thing called reference citation. Is that good enough or do you want me to go change it?

That’s fine. Okay so now we don’t have a site tag in here, right? We’ve got full reference, just appeal of Frey, the reference citation. We’re going to get rid of the sitetag for the short reference too. No reason to do that. We can just put the site tag in ourselves. So we’ll update that one and we may as well as go do that very sam thing in McKenna. Okay so there’s our reference citation. Get rid of the site tags here. Get rid of those site tags, update that, and then we just come back over to our code. And now with our full reference, we’re going to get the reference citation as well.

Okay and so we don’t care about case title anymore. We’ve totally done away with that. And so now we have our case URL and…

Yes, now we need to search to…

Yup so that is cite and /cite and then after that… actually, after this here…

Then you’re going to have a comma.

Right there? And a space…

A comma and a space.

Actually, we don’t want that as part of the link. So we’re going to do comma space and our concactenation symbol and then our reference citation. Okay now, instead of case title, what we’re doing here now is we are doing full reference and then a comma, a space, concactenation symbol and then reference citation… concactenation symbol. Okay so now what we have is… well, let’s just look at it. I’m taking longer to talk about it then I’ll just look at it. Why is my Appeal of McKenna not right? Maybe I didn’t save that. I didn’t. I didn’t save that. Well okay, my code’s wrong then. Okay, case URL, full reference. Full reference = full reference. Well, shoot. That should be just right. Oh no, no, no. That’s what it is. No, no, my mistake. Absolutely my mistake. The title is the full reference plus the… yeah, that’s what it was. I just got those mixed up. So the title is the full reference plus the reference citation. The citation itself is just the full reference and then the reference citation follows. So did you follow that? You know, it’s just the little bits and pieces of stuff that get stuck together.

Okay so there you go. Now Appeal of McKenna…

Perfect, yeah.

Does that… your thing here is not part of the citation any longer. Now we just have to fix the short one and we got it. And so if we come down here to the short one, let’s see… we want the reference citation. We don’t care about case title anymore. Actually, rather than making that difficult, let’s just copy this one again.

Okay so now the content = case URL, title is the full reference of the full citation. But the link is not the full reference but the short reference.


And it does not have the reference citation in it. So it doesn’t need the comma and it doesn’t need that. So we save that…

Man, this will make my life so easy.

Well, cool.

When I’m doing these 300 court cases, gee.

And then refresh this… okay, so there you go. Appeal of McKenna, it still looks the same. I mean, the title looks the same in both cases but in the one case, this isn’t part of the link. Just like you wanted it.

It’s a good thing you’re online otherwise, I’d give you a big kiss. You’d have to collect that from your wife.

I think I’ll work on that one.

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