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How to Convert a Flash Site to WordPress and Thesis 2.1

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There are still a lot of Flash based websites out there under-performing for their owners. Thesis 2.1 makes it relatively easy to take a Flash based website and convert it into a WordPress website. In this 14 part Case Study we take a real Flash site and convert it into a WordPress site that can be easily maintained and updated by its owner.

Inventory the Existing Site

  • Pages
  • Architecture
  • Images
  • Layout
  • Colors

Collect all of the Assets

  • Images
  • Screenshot image
  • Text
  • PDFs

Setup WordPress

  • Static Front Page
  • Other Pages
  • Menu
  • Image Sizes

Setup Classic Responsive Design Options

  • Color Scheme
  • Layout & Dimensions
  • Primary Font
  • Headlines
  • Subheadlines
  • Nav Menu

Setup Classic Responsive Skin Content Options

  • Nav Menu
  • Sidebar Text Box – Logo image
  • Attribution

Configure Social Proof Widgets

  • Promo Image
  • Social Networking

Rotating Header Banner with Meteor Slideshow

Customize the Menu Style

Customize the Front Template Page Title

Customize the Footer

Misc Stylistic Tweaks

Create the Image Gallery

Add a Responsive Header

Use Media Queries to Improve the Responsiveness

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2 comments… add one
  • elie February 28, 2014, 9:14 am

    can you convert this flash site to a responsive Cms site?

    • Rick Anderson March 3, 2014, 5:53 am

      You can convert any flash site into a WordPress site, depending on the theme you choose it will be responsive.