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How to Convert a Flash Site to WordPress & Thesis 2.1 – Part 12 – Create the Image Gallery

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We are getting near the end of converting this flash site into a full Thesis 2.1 site. I’m going to unmute Jeff’s, the owners of the site’s microphone so we can see if there’s anything else we are missing. Jeff it’s Rick Anderson, are you there?

Jeff: Hi, Rick. Yes, I’m here.

Rick: Oh, perfect. So are we getting close?

Jeff: Very close, thanks very much. Fantastic.

Rick: So is there something else you would like me to demonstrate in this?

Jeff: Just the images setting up a gallery.

Add NextGen Gallery

Rick: I forgot about the NextGen Gallery, right. So then we’re going to add a new plugin, NextGen Gallery, we will open up that one. We’re waiting for that to happen and you can see how big those images are. Gallery Images, typical gallery image size is 376 x 250, 500 x 290.

Standardize Image Sizes

I think I’m going to standardize these around 457, 500, 472, 375, 375, I think I’m going to standardize the size, I’ll just make the maximum width 500 pixels, that’s what we’ll do.

Gallery Settings

Activate the plugin and then we’ll come over to gallery and we’re going to start off with settings. Display gallery as basic slideshow and then our basic slideshow, we can leave that as it is. We’re not going to show the thumbnail link. Let’s save that and add a new gallery. We’ll just call this one “Restaurant” and then we’ll grab our images and we’ll drag them all over to there.

Add Images and Get Shortcode

Start the upload and then if we come over to Manage Galleries the gallery id is 1 I always forget what the shortcodes are for this so we’re just going to have to go here and then what we do is come to our installation, description and then we just want to add it. So Managing, Albums, Tags, where is your list of shortcode? It’s a great plugin but this is something that they’ve never done very well, looks like they’ve improved their documentation considerably but there you go, right there, NextGen Gallery Shortcodes, got it.

I wonder if they’re suggesting that we should use their WordPress hosting company, I wouldn’t think so. Here’s a caché version of it and this is what I want right there, gallery. So we just have to go to that page now and the gallery will be there. That is Images, oh look, I forgot that it comes with its own little shortcode generator. So we’re going to put in the NextGen Basic Slideshow and we’re going to do Gallery, Restaurant and save.

Hit update, view the page and I think it’s going to be there and so you click on it to make it jump through. Okay, anything else? Does anybody have any questions?

Jeff: Not right now.

Rick: You know, obviously it’s a relatively simple site.

Jeff: Yep.

Rick: But there’s still a handful of things that needed to be coded and you’re probably going to want to come in here and change these things into headings, right? Rather than just leaving them as just straight text like this but having said that, that’s at least what I would recommend but that part’s easy.

Oh, evidently I failed to put “JOIN OUR TEAM” in here. Yeah I forgot the “JOIN OUR TEAM” text, here we go. So Jeff I’m going to mute your microphone, I’m going to unmute somebody else here. Paul, I’ve just unmuted your microphone, Paul Johnson?

Paul: Yes, sir.

Rick: What else was your question?

Paul: You were talking about having to do something more in order to make the site fully responsive for mobile devices and I’m wondering…

Rick: That’s right.

Paul: Is that kind of built into it or you can do what?

Rick: Well, this is responsive right?

Paul: Just by nature the beast?

Rick: Yes because the Classic Responsive is responsive.

Paul: Right.

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