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How to Convert a Flash Site to WordPress & Thesis 2.1 – Part 9 – Customize the Front Template Page Title

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Next in this case study on converting a flash site to Thesis 2.1 we’ll be customizing the Front Template Page Title.

Use Custom CSS to Style the Title

Let’s see how are we are looking here. We’ve got the one line but we want that one line. So that’s good. But we don’t want the text in the home to be that way. We want an emphasized text but that sits inside of the text itself itself.

Let’s edit the page. We’re going to give the span tag, span class=”faux-headline” this is the class we’re going to create. So span class=”faux-headline” and Wasabi Restaurant & Bar and then we’ll close out that span tag. That gives us a chance to style this.

Then we’ll come down here and say .faux-headline and then font-size: let’s give it 18px and font-weight:bold. You might be inclined to use an inline style to do this but I strongly discourage you from doing that instead use CSS to style this sort of thing.

Okay, now on our Homepage as I recall, we don’t actually want Home or Edit there. Edit would only show up if you’re signed in anyway but we don’t actually want those. So what we’re going to do is go to our Front Page and we’re just going to drag our Headline Area out of here altogether and drag it up there and that should remove those from our Homepage. It does.

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