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How to Convert a Flash Site to WordPress & Thesis 2.1 – Part 5 – Setup Classic Responsive Skin Content Options

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Now that we’ve got Design Options configured for our new Thesis 2.1 site, we’ll come over here to Skin Content.

Set Skin Options

We’ll begin with Site Title and Tagline. We’re not going to show either. For comments, we can leave it just as it is. Sidebar, we’re going to show the sidebar, text box and sidebar widgets that’s fine. Under miscellaneous, we don’t want the WP admin link. This stuff is fine. Let’s see Post/Page Output, we’re not going to show author or date or number of comments so we’re just going to show featured image, okay that’s fine.

Adjust Logo Image Size

So the next thing to do is to put the logo image here in the text box but first I just want to make sure I know how wide this is. It’s actually only 200 pixels wide there not 250 so I’m going to change this image size. I’m going to canvas size and make it 200 pixels wide, centered about the center so it’s going to cut off on both sides.

Actually, I think instead what I’m going to do is I’m going to draw this in closer to the “I” and then chop it off on the other side. Let’s see, if I move that to the center, yeah that’s not right, it’s going to redo that. So if this is the center at 125 then it should be 25 so we’ll crop it down a little more time, snap it to that line. Go to canvas size again, 200, pin it to the right so it cuts off of the left. That’s pretty close now so we’ll save this again and replace that.

We’re going to start off by coming over to our Media Library, Add New and actually, this is not the one I want though.Where did I save it? It is under My Business Website Images, wasabi-logo.

Logo Image Settings

Then we’re going to come over to Pages again and we’ll create a Sandbox page. And the Sandbox page is going to be private and we’re going to Add Media from the Media Library. We’re going to add that, the title is “Return to Our Homepage”, the alignment will be center. We’re going to do a custom URL, actually we’ll do the attachment page but then we’re going to just cut off everything else so it goes to our Homepage.

Add Logo to Sidebar

We’ll put in the full size. Insert that into our post, copy this, save it and then come over to our Skin Content. Our sidebar text box will be the thing that contains our logo image. So we’ll disable the p tags for that and hit save.


Then we have one last piece of skin content to address and that’s the attribution and the attribution’s text is “2 QUAMBY PLACE NOOSA SOUND QUEENSLAND AUTRALIA”, in all caps, and then the phone number, “AUSTRALIA space 07 space 5449 space 2443”. We’re actually going to make these phone numbers linkable but not quite yet. And then “MEDIA INQUIRIES: MEDIA@WASABISB.COM”, okay so there’s our attribution text.

Now if we refresh this, we’ve got our logo here and we’ve got our attribution down there. The next thing we’re going to do is configure the social proof widgets.

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