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How to Convert a Flash Site to WordPress & Thesis 2.1 – Part 3 – Setup WordPress

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Next up in converting this flash site to Thesis 2.1 is setting up WordPress. WordPress is already installed on the development subdomain but it hasn’t been configured and the first thing we’re going to do is set up the static front page.

Create Pages

Right now the front page is set up as a blog and the site doesn’t really have a blog. But in fact, let’s just go ahead and create our pages first. Add New and we’ll go ahead and create a Blog page even though we’re not going to use it because we’ll assign the posts feature to it. Then Menus, Reservations, Events. And Add New, Menus since it’s all caps let’s keep doing that. Reservations and then Reviews, Gift Voucher, Images and Join Our Team.

If you have questions of course as I’m doing this please feel free to just jump in and ask them. I know for many people this part of it is very basic but a good case study should start at the beginning and end at the end.

Setup Static Front Page

So we’ve got all of our pages created now and we’ll come over to our Readings, Settings and we’ll set up the static front page. Oh no, we don’t have one yet because we need one more, we need Home, okay. So then it’s going to do a static front page. Let’s refresh this. Static front page, it’s going to be Home, Post Page is going to be Blog and we’ll leave this as it is.

Turn off Indexing Temporarily

Actually, for the time being I’m going to discourage search engines from indexing this site. Once the site is transferred we want to make sure that that gets unchecked but for the time being we’ll leave out indexing.

Add Content to Pages

While we’re here we may as well add all of our content since we’ve got all these pages open. I’m going to come back over to conversion files, text for pages. And right now I’ve got Menus page, we don’t need the title again but we’ll put that there. We’ll come back and add these links here in a little while for now we’re just going to add the content in here.

Images, there’s nothing we need to do there so we can close Images. And we can close Reading and our Home page definitely has content in it so Home page. Reservations, Events, Reviews, Gift Voucher and I guess that’s it.

Setup WordPress Menu

Now we need to set up our menu and by menu I’m talking about WordPress menu so we will create a new menu, call it Main Menu. And we’re going to have Home, Join Our Team, Images, Gift Voucher, Reviews, Events, Reservations and Menus on it and that’s it.

The way this is, it’s Home, Menu, Reservations so Home and this is Menu here, Reservations, Join Our Team is at the bottom, wasn’t it? Events, Reviews, Gift Voucher, Images and Join Our Team so we’ve got our main menu setup there.

So we have that page created, now we can come over to Thesis and I think to forgot to mention but we’re doing this in Classic Responsive. Next we’re going to go setup the Classic Responsive Design Options.

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