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How to Convert a Static HTML Site to Thesis Part 5 – Build the menu

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In this session we show how to build the menu by adding all the pages to it. We create an extensive menu and move the pages where we want them. We create the top level menu items so that they don’t link to anything and then the sub menu items link off to pages.

Video Transcript

The next thing to do then is work on this menu. The first thing we want to do is go back and reconstruct the menu. We did a sort of a down and dirty construction last night. But now, what we’re going to do is reconstruct it.

So we’re going to come back over here to the menus. This is our menu as it sits right now and in terms of pages, we’re going to add… let’s see, Scottsdale. Okay, we’re going to add all of these pages to the menu and Contact Us is going to under Who We Are. Let’s see, I guess we have to look at this real quickly. So under Purchase, we’ve got Arcadia, Phoenix so we got all these properties for sale plus MLS Property Search. So all of these properties for sale, I guess I didn’t get any of those in here yet.

Let’s work on the ones I’ve got in here, the areas, I guess. Those are the ones. So we’ll move those areas in to the area and that is Scottsdale, Central East Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale Fashion Square, Phoenix Biltmore, Arcadia. Okay and then let’s just take a look at that order for a second. Arcadia, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Central… it’s probably exactly the opposite. So it’s Arcadia and Scottsdale, Phoenix and that puts Paradise Valley, Scottsdale. I bet you that’s the way it is now. Yeah, okay.

Oh no audio, yeah. I’m so sorry everybody. Shoot. Okay, let’s start that all over again. I am sorry about that. I totally screwed up the audio here on this. Actually, I’m still on this page, save the menu. I’m sorry, I failed to turn my microphone back on so nobody could hear me when I was speaking. I don’t know. John, I have unmuted your microphone. I’m not sure if you can jump in now or not. I know you couldn’t hear me when I was inviting you earlier.

So anyway, I’ve unmuted your microphone and if you can hear this… actually Brian, can you hear this? I just want to make sure I’m being heard here. Okay, perfect. Okay, sorry about that everybody. Gosh you know, this is what happens.

Okay so we’re working to finish building this menu and I added a bunch of pages this morning to help us get that done. But let’s see, so we go back to our Who We Are. This is an interesting place, right? I created a page called Who We Are but that should actually just be a dead link or should be a link to About Biltmore. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to make this link to nothing and then we’re going to have this About Biltmore and Biltmore News and Contact Us be that part.

We’re going to start off right here with URL, it’s just going to be pound sign and we’re going to call that… what was the name of that again? Who We Are and we’re going to add that to the menu. So what’s going to happen is, this won’t go anywhere and we’re going to take this Who We Are and we’re going to remove it. We won’t use that page. We’ll take this back up to here and we’ll make Contact Us part of that. While we’re at Who We Are, let’s see what else goes under there. Biltmore Etc. News and Contact Us and About. So let’s see, About Biltmore Etc and Biltmore Etc News.

Okay so then the next thing is to add this other stuff so let’s see, the area, we got that part added. Services, sell your home and find a home, we got that. So now we are on Multimedia and that would be Buyer Out Information Seller, Home of the Week, Market Update. Okay so Seller Information… okay, Multimedia. Seller Information, I think we’re missing a buyer information here. I’m missing that buyer information so we’ll add that one to the menu and move that one up to the top.

Okay and then, Home of the Week, Market Update, News and Commentary… Home of the Week, Market Update, News and Commentary. Okay and then what else is in there? Local Business Update and Testimonials… Local Business Update… oh that would have been a good way to move all those as a group, wouldn’t it?

Okay so we have our services, we have our area, we have Who We Are. Now what we’re going to do is move our purchase one. So Arcadia, Phoenix, Fashion Square, Paradise, Central, Scottsdale,  add to menu. Okay I think I’m just going to make them as a group and then drag that group up. That’s something I did not know about. These big menus and then just… okay, let’s see… well, that’s funny. Okay, they don’t necessarily come apart easily when you’ve moved them as a group.

Actually, I think our multimedia one is missing. Home of the Week, Market Update… oh, multimedia. Okay, I moved it at the wrong spot. Home of the Week, Market Update, News and Community, Local Business Update and Testimonials.

Okay and then we have this MLS one added too, right? And except this part of this Purchase. So what we’re going to do is come back up here and look for MLS again. We’re going to add it to the menu a second time and then we’re just going to drag it up to that spot that we wanted. So you can have more than one instance of the menu item in the menu plus we can rename here because here, they’ve got MLS Property Search. So we’re going to rename this MLS Property Search. Okay, hit save.

What we’ve done here is we have created a relatively extensive menu. We have moved the pages where we wanted them. We’ve created a link that doesn’t actually go anywhere as a top level menu item for other menu pieces and we’ve repeated a page with a different title or given a different title  in the menu. And I think I’ve pretty much demonstrated all the different things that can be done with this menu system. If we come over here and back to the site, then we have this stuff checking out.

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