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How to Convert a Static HTML Site to Thesis Part 19 – Make a Copy of the Development Site

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In this session we show how to make a copy of the development site and go to through the process of backing up the site using BackupBuddy. Once the backup is completed, we download the backup to the local computer, clean up the database and run the import. We also check the site’s functionality after the transfer to check everything is working correctly.

Video Transcript

Now that we have that piece of it finished, what we’re going to do is make a clone of the site. Okay and I think before we clone the site, we’re going to add a new plugin. Upload… we’re going to upload Backup Buddy here. Activate it. We’re going to set up its license real quickly. This can be done manually but it’s really so much simpler to do it this way.

Okay so we’ve activated that license. We’re going to close that. We can check for updates. I know there’s a newer version of this so let’s update it automatically.

Okay so now we’re going to go over to Backup Buddy and go to Settings and make sure we aren’t picking up any extraneous… well let’s see, let’s give it a password. Let’s see, okay. We don’t have anything we need to exclude from this so we’ll go ahead and hit save settings. If this is going kind of quickly, you can look at some of my other videos on how to use Backup Buddy and you’ll see what’s going on here.

We’ll go over to Backup and Restore and say full backup. Give it a moment while it backs this whole thing up. Okay and the backup has been completed so we’ll go ahead and download the backup to our local computer.

So now we have a little test site that was put up here that we’re just going to go ahead and delete real quickly. And that test site is under Biltmore Etc. and I think we’ll go ahead and keep the same database. So I’m just going to go ahead and open this up and take a look at the database settings here.

Okay so it’s word 4. I’m going to copy the password, paste it on my text file here. Okay so first off, we’re going to get rid of everything here. So we delete all those test files and then we’re going to upload our Backup Buddy file. And that’s going to be under backup and it would be Biltmore Etc. Yeah, that’s the date so we’ll upload this backup file here while we’re there. And actually, we may as well back up the Import Buddy file too, while we’re at it.

Okay so while that’s doing its thing, we’re going to come over to our database and we’re going to clean out that database by dropping all of its data. Okay and then we’re looking for databases. This one was word 4.

Okay while that’s doing its thing, okay both of those uploads were complete so let’s refresh this. Okay so our zip file is in our Import Buddy, the file is there. We need to rename Import Buddy here, get rid of that little hyphen or the number 9 there. So it’s just Import Buddy php. Come back over to our databases. We are going to database word 4 and we’re going to select all of our tables and we’re going to drop it.

So now we’ve clean that database out entirely. Okay so now we are actually ready to run the import. So this is why it’s so nice to use Backup Buddy because now we just type in Okay, enter our password. This was the password we entered into the plugin when we installed it.

Okay, it has found the backup file and it’s asking us to confirm that. We’re just going to… that is the only one that’s there so we’ll say next step. Okay so all the file extraction happened just fine. We take the next step. And now what we need to do is set up the rest of our stuff here.

So the database name, remember is PHOENJM0_WRD4 and our password was this. Our user, actually, was this. User and passowrd name is the same in this case. Let’s test the database just to make sure it’s working. Okay, it does work so now we take it to the next step. Okay initial database import was complete. Take the next step.

And before we do anything else, what we’re going to do is go to now and our old site should be… or our transferred site should be popping up. There it is. Okay now let’s… wp-admin. Log in to the site. It’s going to have the same old logins it used to have.

Okay we are successfully transferred. Let’s go ahead and update WordPress real quickly. We can safely do this at this point because we still have our backup which we could restore anytime we wanted.

Okay so now let’s go back to the site and let’s just double check some of its functionality. Okay, that stuff is still working. Okay, videos are still showing up. Home takes us back to home. These little links take us where they’re supposed to. Click another title, takes us back to home. This is an error that existed already on the site. Each of these links will take us to the right place on the page, to the right list on the page. Okay, there we go.

So the site has been successfully transferred.

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