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How to Convert a Static HTML Site to Thesis Part 17 – Place Images in the Sidebar of Specific Pages

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In this session we show how to place images in the sidebar of specific pages using the Black Studio TinyMCE plugin. We also use the Display Widgets plugin which lets us select the page we want the image to show on.

Video Transcript

Rick: Update that and then I guess the other thing we should do is put this little thing in here as a widget. So let’s save that image and that sold… I’m just going to save it here under that place in my hard drive. And what we’ll do is come over to the site and go over to Appearance and Widgets. And we’re tlakign about sidebar 1 so we’ll go ahead and drag this Black Studio Tiny MCEN. And all we’re going to do is insert the image into that. So we’ll select that file, go find it where I put it which was in this sold right here. Open that up. It’s not going to have any link URL at all. Let’s see, let us help you sell your house or let me help you sell your house. And we’ll do that as the alt text too and we’ll just go ahead and center it at the moment. And we will insert it into post, hit save, come back over and take a look at that page now.

Okay so we’ve got our image here in the page. Now the thing is that this image is going to show up everywhere, right? And we don’t really want it to show up everywhere so now we’re going to use that… we’re going to use a plugin that I use all the time called Display Widgets. And that plugin is going to let us decide which page this widget should show on.

So we’ll come back over here to plugins and add new. We’ll search for Display Widgets. This is a great little plugin for this. Install the Display Widgets plugin, activate it, refresh our widgets page here so it takes effect. And now we can… we have this dialogue right down here below the widget and we’re going to pick show unchecked which means it’s only going to show up on the places that we checked down here. And the one place we want it to show up on is on the… it’s not the Contact Us one, it’s the… let’s see, Sell Your Home one. So that’s the only place we want this widget to show up. So if we look at Find a Home, it’s not going to be there. If we look at Sell Your Home, it is going to be there. If we look at Arcadia… Arcadia went sideways on us. What the heck is that about? We’re going to have to check that later. It’s not on the Phoenix Biltmore. It’s not on Scottsdale. It’s not on About Biltmore.

So we’ve succeeded in placing this image only on the page we want it to.

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