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How to Convert a Static HTML Site to Thesis Part 2 – Set up the Development Site

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In this session we show how to create the development server. We set up and create the subdomain in BlueHost which results in the creation of a folder inside the root directory of the site. We install WordPress and configure its general settings. We create top level pages and test out the design of the drop down menus.

Video Transcript

We’re going to go ahead and get started first by creating our development server. So we’re going to go to Bluehost, log in to this thing. The first thing to do is to setup this subdomain. I’m going to come down here to my subdomains section in C Panel and I’m going to create a subdomain called I’m going to create it. The process of creating this subdomain on Bluehost results in the creation of a folder inside the root directory of our site.

The next thing I’m going to do is scroll down to simple scripts and we’re going to install WordPress. Let’s see, I’m going to install it. Okay and we’re going to select biltmore.byobtutorial, we’re looking at our names and so this is going to be biltmore… no, this is going to be… let’s see, html or Thesis conversion demonstration, okay. Let’s see, I do not want any of their junk. They’ve gotten to be really aggressive in their advertising of junk here. Complete.

Once this is installed, I’ll just go ahead and log in. The very first thing I’d do is delete jet pack. It’s the one thing that WordPress does, just tried to impose this piece of junk on you.

We get that deleted and get myself a decent password. Oh, fix my email address and then okay, so the user thing is set up. We’re going to do our general settings very quickly. Let’s see, demonstrating, converting a static HTML site to Thesis. Nobody can register, all that stuff’s okay. Under privacy, we’re going to actually make it so that it can’t be seen because we don’t want to drag search traffic away from him.

Then we’ll just go create pages here really quickly. So we’re going to add new and we’re going to have a homepage. Publish that, let’s see, what other top level pages did he have? Purchase multimedia services, the area, MLS, and who we are. Yeah, I think I’m just going to set that off to the site so I can see that while I type this.

Okay, so add new and this has got purchase, publish. Add new, multimedia, publish. Add new, services. Add new, the area, MLS and who we are. Just to refresh your memory, under purchase, we’re just going to add… let’s see, we’re going to do this under services, sell your home and find a home.

We’re going to add those pages so we can test our design of our drop down menu without… so that was, what is it? Sell your home, find a home and the parent of this page is going to be services, is that right? Yeah. So we’ll publish that, let’s make that one or publish that one. Then we’ll add a new page and we’ll call find a home, services, give it a page order of two and publish.

Let’s see, we need to create a blog page even if we’re not using it at the moment. Say blog. You know what? I don’t like the term blog. I’m going to say articles, publish. Now that gives us all those pages.

The next thing to do then is go into reading settings and we’re going to say that our front page display is a static page and it’s going to be home and our post page is going to be articles and we’ll save those changes. While we’re at it, we may as well create a menu and so this is going to be called main menu and primary menu is going to be the main menu.

On this main menu, we’re going to have these. Yeah, add those to the menu and then we’ll take home to the top, service is going to have find a home and sell a home. As I recall, purchase was next then multimedia. Let’s look at that. Who we are was last, the area, MLS, who we are was last. The area, MLS, so services must be under multimedia. Okay, so now we have a menu.

Next thing of course to do is install Thesis so Appearance and Themes, install a theme and I’m going to upload. Choose a file, let’s arrange it by name. Thesis 1.8.4, install, activate.

Now the thing is, I don’t have any intention of doing any kind of customization in terms of customizing CSS or custom functions.php so I’m not going to create a local copy for this. What I am going to do is change this custom sample to custom and I’m going to do that inside of Bluehost.

Let’s see, back to C Panel. If you were going to do any kind of customization at all or if you felt like you want to maintain a backup, you wouldn’t do this. You’d create your own local copy but that’s just going to take us time I don’t think we need to spend since everybody here already knows how to do that.

So what we’re going to do is just go over to public html and we’re going to change the name, biltmore, wp content, themes, thesis_184 and we’re just going to change this name from custom sample to custom. Okay, where is the real name? I thought I could do it that way. No, okay so rename custom sample to custom.

Okay so if we go back over to our thing now, it’s not going to show us that warning.

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