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How to Convert a Static HTML Site to Thesis Part 15 – Transfer HTML Content

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In this session we show how to transfer HTML content. We do this by simply copying the HTML code and pasting it in the text editor of the new page.

Video Transcript

Rick: I think the next… so this is actually extremely easy, adding this HTML in because this is very simple cut and paste. So we’ll go ahead and do that to video by aspx. And then I think what we’ll do is look at a more complicated thing which is setting up a contact form using Contact Form 7 that is a little bit more complicated than you might be used to.

So if I open file and that was video sale aspx and so now we’ve got content video sale html that we want to open. So we go to content and video sale html… well, that can’t be it. Video sale is what it says. Well, that’s not right also because I don’t see a video sale. Include file video-sale.html. It’s inside of content, it says, but that’s not it. Let’s go back over here and take a look at this. This is video by. Okay, that’s my problem. Video by… I was looking at the wrong page.

And so he’s got all kinds of just straight HTML here then we can come back over to our website. Well, this was video by. This is our… so edit that page, make it a no sidebars template, past all this HTML, hit update and everytign on that page… everything that was originally on that old page should be here now. Yeah so there’s the YouTube videos. I’m going to leave all those spaces in there because those spaces he had in the original one. This video has been moved by the user. Is that the way these were too? Oh yeah, so this is just all bad content.

Well, in any case, we’re just going to… our job wasn’t to improve the content anyway. Our job was simply to copy the… make it an exact copy of the site and move it from HTML into WordPress. So…

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