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Start Building your Website Right Part 4 – Defining Content Categories

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Now that we’ve defined the minimum necessary content for the site in this Start Right Building Your WordPress Website seminar, we are going define the primary content categories.

Primary Subjects of Blog Posts

Rick: Talk to me about your blog posts, what are the primary subjects of your blog posts?

Steve: Well, one would be Alkaline, why you need to be alkaline. That’s one of my first.

Rick: What is that?

Steve: You’ve probably heard about the alkaline diet.

Rick: I haven’t.

Steve: Well for a lot of people an alkaline diet seems to pull them away from cancer. People who eat more of an acidic diet tend to have more cancers and a diet that would be acidic would be a lot of grain, a lot of meat, a lot of sugar. An alkaline diet would be more focused on vegetables and what happens is you can actually measure it. That’s one of the problems of a lot of books on alkaline diet, they talk about if you eat these following groups they will give numbers next to him telling him this much more alkaline or that much more alkaline. When you read those books and you’re eating this way and you don’t know if it’s really working or not. My first video is about the way to clear away the the confusion and you buy this PH test strips from Amazon and you test your pee or your spit every morning and every evening and you can know exactly how alkaline you are over how acidic you are.

One of the really interesting guys that I’ve had a chance to meet and actually take a couple of classes from is Dr. Jerry Tennant who’s an MD who went to Harvard and he arrived at the value of an alkaline diet from a different direction. The whole thrust of his medical research has been on creating new healthy cells in the body to replace old cells that aren’t doing their job. He says in order to do that your body has to have a neutral blood PH.

Rick: Okay.

Steve: So for me when I read that it suddenly clicked in that the Alkaline diet isn’t just a fad, it’s what you should be doing period if you want to be a really good athlete.

Rick: And so this topic of Alkaline diet, does it break down into sub topics?

Steve: No. Basically I think the problem with diet is people pursue a diet for the wrong reasons. They want to lose weight or whatever but you should really be pursuing a way of eating as opposed to a diet. You should be pursuing a way of eating to give your body its maximum athletic output and if you want to do that you should stay in a range that’s alkaline and the only real way to know that that I’ve discovered is to use PH strips and they’re cheap you don’t cost anything.

Categorize and Sub Categorize Topics

Rick: So I’m trying to fit your content into categories.

Steve: Oh okay.

Rick: And the reason why I’m trying to fit your content into categories is because that’s how people are going to find you, right. People are going to get on their and look up topics.

Steve: Keywords

Rick: Well yeah, exactly.

Steve: Okay, alkaline diet would be one of them.

Rick: Does that break down into sub categories? I mean do you have recipes and reviews of things?

Steve: I guess we could review books and things. Yeah, you could help people figure out how to eat alkaline but I could probably write that out in a paragraph of what they need to eat and then tell them buy test strips and test yourself and you can steer yourself just like you’re steering your car and know exactly.

Need a Certain Amount of Content on each Subject

Rick: Yeah, that’s not going to give you very much content on the subject which means you’re not going to get much traffic on it.

Steve: Okay, I could do recipes, I’m a pretty decent cook.

Rick: I’m just wondering what it is that, well, presumably if you want people to find you on this subject you will be writing thousands of words on this over time.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: And they’ll all be different, right? It’s going to be some kind of new ones on the subject and I’m trying to get you to think about how that new ones might be structured.

Steve: Well you probably have a category of nutrition for the athlete and underneath that you’d have alkaline diet and then you’d have types of food. You’d have types of fat that you should eat and the reasons why. There’s so much mis-information out there right now, it’s startling. If you took a course with Dr. Tennant you’d know why it’s startling. Then he goes on to talk about measuring your body voltage and if your body voltage at your meridians is not correct you will not be functioning at full out athletic performance and all these tie back in to each other.

Rick: Okay, so how would you categorize body voltage?

Steve: That’s a tough one because it’s a very, very esoteric cutting edge type of thing and I’m not sure but that is very important in the whole thing.

Rick: Okay I’m just going to put body voltage at the moment.

Steve: Yeah.

Rick: So is the alkaline diet the only thing you’re talking about under athletic nutrition?

Steve: No you’d have to have the correct fats and you have to have certain types of protein. Fat is a really important one because your cell walls are formed out of fat and if you eat the wrong fats you actually make very weak cells and you don’t perform very well.

Rick: At one point I thought I heard you say something about herbs and stuff like that.

Steve: Yeah, there’s also herbs that increase your athletic performance and there’s Chinese herbs. That help your athletic performance. And a really key one, this is really key, is your mineral balance.

Rick: Is that part of the nutrition or is that something else?

Steve: Yes, that’s part of nutrition and it’s also part of voltage and it’s part of alkalinity. You can’t maintain a proper mineral balance without the right alkalinity because certain minerals could just get removed from your body if it’s too acidic.

Rick: So is what you’re going to talk about in these videos, is that all nutrition or what else are you talking about?

Steve: No, also some of it will probably meditation and visualization for athletes. A lot of top athletes use what you could classify as a form of self hypnosis but all the people would call it meditation or visualization.

Rick: Okay.

Steve: And those are really important too because you can visualize all you want but if you’re missing a mineral balance and you’re not alkaline and you’re missing fats and proteins you will not really improve your performance in any great way.

Rick: You know I kind of assume that if we were talking about being an athlete there would be something in here about exercise.

Steve: Well that’s a whole another category that I could talk about.

Rick: Do you plan talking about it or are you not?

Steve: Yeah, I do plan on talking about it. There’s a couple of things that I think would be very useful for general athletes. I don’t want to tell people how to improve their golf swing, I don’t want to tell people how to toss a football, those are not my fields of expertise. But what I think I can tell people about is how to strengthen their nervous system and their endocrine system and how to have the proper length to their muscles so they don’t get injured and they have maximum output for their muscles. That’s essentially what my teacher taught me.

Rick: And this is really to exercise or nutrition?

Steve: Exercise, this would all be exercise.

Rick: And is there anything else?

Steve: There’s a couple more esoteric things but I think cultivating the right keystone habits will make you happier and I don’t know if they’ll improve your athletic performance but my personal belief is if you’re happier and calmer and not stressed out you tend to perform better as an athlete.

Rick: So you think of that as sort of a lifestyle thing?

Steve: I think so, yeah a lifestyle thing. I think if you cultivate the right habits you just become happier and I think just by that you’ll be a more relaxed, faster, stronger athlete. I think unhappy, stressed people don’t perform that well but I don’t have scientific proof of that, that’s just a gut thing.

Rick: Okay.

Steve: It’s interesting you’re kind of force me to flesh all this out and all the components of what I want to offer and it’s good, I find it very helpful.

Categorizing Your Topics Leads to Site Organization

Rick: Yeah, that’s what this is really supposed to do. I mean ultimately what this works into is a system of organization, right? How your website gets organized because all of this comes back to how does your ideal client find you?

Steve: Yeah.

Rick: Unless you’re advertising, generally the answer is your ideal customer is going to find you by sitting in front of their computer and searching for something. And since that’s the case you need to know very early on how you’re going to organize your site so that you can capitalize on the way Google, in particular, or search engines index your content and deliver your content when people search for it. Understanding that really clearly is key at the very beginning.

Steve: Great.

Rick: So that’s why we’re spending all this time talking about this.

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