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Start Building your Website Right Part 5 – Defining Keywords

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We just talked about the types of subjects or categories that the content will be put into so that we can figure out the site organization. And now we are going to talk about the keywords that allows your ideal customer to find your content.

Use Very Specific Keywords

Rick: I’m looking through the Start Building Your WordPress Website Right questionnaire that you filled out out here. Let’s talk about the keywords then. If your ideal customer is looking for you, what would you say their primary keywords are going to be? I want to say that the ones that you gave in the questionnaire are way too vague really to nail what you’re talking about.

Steve: Just quickly refresh me, what did I say in there?

Rick: You said health, vitality.

Steve: Yeah, that’s not going to get you anywhere. Probably what’s going to happen is weight loss over 50, meditation and athletics or meditation and performance, mineral balance and there’s probably people out there asking about fats.

Rick: Let me catch up here. So weight lost over 50 and what was the next one?

Steve: Alkaline diet would definitely be one. People look at that all the time.

Rick: And are people looking at that in the context of athleticism and physical fitness or are they looking at in the context of something else?

Steve: I think they look at the context of health and anti-cancer so anti-cancer might be important.

Rick: Is that really a search term “anti-cancer”?

Steve: I bet if you punch in the “anti-cancer” you’d see a gazillion of inquiries in Google.

Rick: Okay, anti-cancer. Let’s flesh this out more. I’m not sure I see any of that relating very much to exercise or athleticism so let’s talk about that more.

Steve: Okay, increasing speed you could put something like that down.

Rick: How about something more specific, increasing speed is a little too…

Steve: Vague?

Rick: Well, it’s too generic right? Increasing speed what? Increasing speed of the video that you’re playing back, there are lots of increasing speeds

Steve: Okay.

Rick: So increasing sports performance?

Steve: Yeah sports performance, right. Running faster might be a good one.

Rick: So are you going to do a video on running faster?

Steve: Yeah I’d find an athlete who’s a track guy and I might say what’s your fastest time and say watch me increase it and let’s do it.

Rick: Okay.

Steve: And I might actually do a category by category thing. I might say first thing to do is not touch anything except change your minimal balance. Next thing we’re going to do is not touch anything except change your meditation before a run to see what it is you’re thinking about.

Rick: Mineral balance.

Steve: Yeah.

Rick: How can you make mineral balance more specific to what we’re talking about. Remember that both mineral and balance are very generic terms.

Steve: Okay. Well, okay how about magnesium mineral balance, that’s really specific.

Rick: That is much better.

Steve: Okay, magnesium mineral balance or magnesium balance then you could have iodine balance. I give you 9 minerals if needed to be balanced right off the bat, potassium, magnesium.

Rick: Okay, so we’re going to do that this way then.

Steve: And here’s kind of a weird thing that we discovered, my two sons and I tried a regime that we actually went through over the winter and none of us got sick.

Rick: What regimen are you referring to?

Steve: This guy’s mineral balancing kit. The problem with minerals is most people take a multivitamin and a mineral thing everyday and they have no idea if they’re getting too much minerals or not enough. Usually you’re getting too much of some and some are not enough and when you balance them you feel much better, you’re stronger. The effect I didn’t expect was that they didn’t get sick and normally the winter I get sick. And I got none and I was exposed to them, it wasn’t like I didn’t go out, I was exposed to people who are really sick.

Rick: So I’m not seeing anything here about body voltage, fats, proteins, herbs, visualization, the habits thing.

Steve: Okay. Herbs, there are performance herbs and performance Chinese medicines that with just those alone…maybe I would change that to say once your mineral balance is correct, if you added these herbs you would probably run faster. Almost for sure your endurance would certainly increase because there are adaptogenic herbs that have been proved for thousands of years to do that. Most Americans aren’t really aware of them or they buy lower quality ones and they don’t work. You’ll get a difference if you use real quality ones, the good stuff.

Rick: Okay.

Steve: So any one of these things could be used to increase athletic performance. It’s kind of funny there’s like two ends of the spectrum. There are people who are not athletes but not out of shape, people who are hardly out of shape and hardly overweight and the people who are athletic and in perfect shape and it’s just this long continuum. So when I say athletic performance I’m just pushing people to the far end. I’m taking them out of okay I’m in decent shape I’m okay to pulling them in to an area where they have some degree of athletic performance that’s above normal for their age.

Rick: So how does nutrition fit into this keyword list?

Steve: So, how does nutrition fit in and you want it to be specific? Well, we did the mineral balancing thing, we would probably talk about fat balance. There’s an actual ratio of fats that you should be eating that needs to optimal for new cell replacement and that’s kind of at the basis of athletic performance. If you don’t have healthy new cells and you’re not forming healthy new cells you’re not going to be an optimal athlete. And that all comes back to correct fat balance, correct mineral balance and usually when you start correcting those the body voltage starts to correct all on its own. There probably should be a section in there on scarring because that can actually affect the flow of body voltage in the body.

Rick: Is that something you’re planning on doing a video on?

Steve: I might but I would probably refer people to Dr. Tennant, that’s a kind of a complex thing. He taught it in one of his classes I understand what he’s talking about but that’s almost getting into practicing medicine, I’d probably stay out of that. I’d send people to him.

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