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Start Building your Website Right Part 7 – Defining the Minimum Necessary Graphic Assets

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Logo Design

Rick: We’ve talked about the content you’ll be putting on the site so now let’s talk about graphics. Do do you already have a logo design for this website?

Steve: No, I’m not sure. Do I really need one, is that really a necessary thing?

Rick: Well…

Steve: I guess I could do one but it’s never struck me, gee, I’ve got to get a logo. I don’t know, is it really important?

Rick: Well you’re going to need some kind of graphic branding, yeah.

Steve: I could probably have somebody to do make a logo for me.

Rick: Yeah, you’re going to need something whether it’s your smiling face and a picture or it’s something creative. You’re going to need some kind of visual branding. It doesn’t have to be very complicated.

Steve: Could it be just a picture of a guy running, a graphic representation of somebody going very fast.

Rick: It could be an icon like that, yes. It could be anything.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: If you’re going to be taken seriously in any of your social media stuff you’re going to have to have something showing up as representing you and your site.

Steve: Okay.

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