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Start Building your Website Right Part 14 – Final Marketing Plan

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Facebook Apps

Facebook has a variety of apps that you can choose to place on your site if that’s a choice that you end up making.

Google Plus – Setup Profile Page

In terms of Google+, I saw that you have a profile but it doesn’t have an avatar yet.

Steve: No.

Rick: The Google+ relationship to anything that you have is never going to show up until you have an avatar so you want to fully set up your Google+ profile page and you want to make it public. You may have things on there but it’s private and it’s not going to do any good for it to be private you need to set it up as public.

Steve: Right.

Set Up Google Authorship

Rick: You also want to go through the process of setting up your Google authorship on your Google+ account.

Steve: Now what is that?

Rick: You know when you search for something and you see somebody’s face beside the search results, that’s because they’re set up as a Google author.

Steve: Oh, okay.

Rick: And you’re going to want that. That will bring your face up with your Youtube videos when they show up, it will bring your face up with the articles and that kind of stuff.

Steve: Okay, got you.

SEO Benefits

Rick: And that’s an aspect of this social media integration here of adding in your Google authorship information. That sort of thing also helps you for SEO because people who are real authors set up with Google that Google recognizes, adds authority to the what they’re posting and it improves your search engine ranking.

Steve: Okay, gotcha.

Rick: So you’re going to want to have that mastered and handled. And you’re not in the situation where a business place’s page is useful so actually I’m going to delete that before I send this over to you.

Social Media Posting Strategy

One of the things you’re going to need right off the bat is a strategy for regular posting and with the Facebook and the Google+, you’re going to want a system for pre-launch posting because you don’t want people coming to your site saying “oh, let’s go to their Facebook page” and then not having anything there.

Steve: Oh, okay.

Rick: So this is the point at which you’re going to want to start posting. Create your Facebook page, get it at least set up partially and then you’re going to want to be posting once a week or more on your Facebook page even though nobody’s looking at it because there’s got to be something there for people to come to.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: Right? You got to stack the shelves before you open the doors of the store.

Steve: Right.

Rick: And that needs to be the case for both Facebook and Google+. So you want to come up with the posting strategy, the easiest thing to do really is as you post the Youtube video, post it on Facebook and post it on Google+. Then maybe once a week post an article that you’ve found on the web that you think is useful or you can just link to a Wiki that you think is useful on one of those subjects.

It should be something like that that you’re populating. I mean you’ll develop another strategy later but this is sort of your pre-launch strategy of having a populated Facebook page before people start coming to it. Those gets you in the habit of actually doing something there. You don’t want your Facebook page to be a ghost town, you don’t want Google+ to be a ghost town.

Steve: It’s got to be active.

Rick: It’s got to be active, right. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time but it does have to be active.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: And then you may want to consider figuring out inducements for sharing.

Steve: Alright and what would those be?

Rick: And so well, the easiest inducement of course is just to have a really accessible share or like button on your videos or on your video blog post. That’s the first and simplest thing to do and there are plugins out there that let you pay with a like. So you could have some kind of premium content that you let people have access to but they get access to it when they like your page, where they like a post and then once they do that they have access to it.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: The other thing for your Facebook page is that you can offer something if someone likes your page. So that kind of thing.

Steve: Now you mentioned having a like button on your video, how do you do that, how does that get on there?

Rick: Well you’ve already got the like video on your video with Youtube. It’s already got the social sharing button on it.

Steve: Okay, that’s built-in then? Alright, good.

Rick: Right. Now you want to integrate your account with your Facebook, right? One of the aspects of this is that you need to connect your Google+ account to your Facebook account. And you need to make sure that your Google+ account is the administrator of your Youtube account so all of those are connected.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: I don’t do any inducements except I ask people if you like it would you please like it and I mostly forget to do that. But if social media is a critical part of your strategy you’ve got to be disciplined about asking people to like your content. I watch all kinds of videos where the person actually remembers at the end of their videos to say that if you’ve got value out of this would you please press that like button up there? You know, if I could remember to do that I do it all the time I would.

Steve: That’s something I need to do, that has to be definite.

Rick: People will like it, all you have to do is ask them.

Steve: And what’s the equivalent of a like button for Google+?

Rick: +1

Steve: So you ask for a like and a +1?

Rick: Yeah.

Steve: Okay, gotcha.

Rick: And some people don’t like Facebook so they won’t use the like button or the same on Google+, so you can just say one or the other.

Steve: Okay, good.

Launching Plan Discussion

Rick: There is one other aspect of marketing that I want to talk about for a moment and that’s your launch plan.

Steve: Okay.

Getting the Word Out

Rick: How do you plan to get the word out about your site?

Steve: My plan, and maybe this is naive, would be to probably purchase some Facebook ads or maybe some Google adwords so that people would start finding my site and that was my main thrust. I don’t really have much beyond that other than organic search.

Rick: Do you have friends and associates that you can share the site with?

Steve: I probably could. I’ve got some friends who are athletes who I would show to but I don’t think that’s going to provide any major boost for me. I think I have to have my videos get found and then people to start building from there.

Rick: So do you actively participate in any forums or things like that related to this topic?

Steve: No, not at the time.

Ad Words, Facebook Ads

Rick: You could use Google adwords or Facebook ads to draw traffic to the site but because you don’t have anything to sell you’re just buying traffic, you don’t have a mechanism of recouping that.

Steve: Right.

Rick: And because it’s a brand new site without a ton of content on it Google’s going to consider it a low quality site so your cost of adwords will be higher.

Steve: So if you are a small site you actually have to pay more for the adwords?

Rick: Sure.

Steve: I didn’t know that.

Rick: Well there’s a quality rating and the quality rating has to do with how well you’re established, how good your content is, what they think of your content both on the page that the ad is linking to and just overall. So somebody who’s just starting out out of the blue is going to pay more for the same key words than somebody who’s been doing it a long time.

Steve: Wow. I never knew that, that comes as a big surprise to me.

Rick: Google doesn’t want people to ignore their ads so they want to encourage authority.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: They want to encourage quality content after clicking on the ad. If everybody clicks on an ad and it just goes to junk then they’ll stop clicking on the ads altogether, it’s essentially Google’s tax on poor sites.

Steve: That’s really tough for the guy who’s just starting out to get going though because he’s got all the stuff running against him and not only have Google’s charging him more.

Building Authority

Rick: That’s the way it is, right? I mean that’s the way your search engine results are going to be too, right? You will have to develop a reputation with Google overtime before your content shows up with any regularity in search engine results. It’s just not going to happen right off the bat.

Steve: So even finding obscure keyword combinations that actually bring people to my site and offer them the value they’re looking for, will that slowly start to build up my authority?

Rick: Yeah, that’s what it will do. It will slowly start to build up your authority, yes absolutely.

Steve: Okay and slowly relative to what like you’re talking a year, 2 years, 6 months, 3 weeks?

Rick: I would say that you probably really have to stay at it for a year before you can expect to see any significant improvement. It depends on what the competition is like. It depends on how good your content is and some part it depends on how well people like your stuff on Youtube, right?

If you start getting people following your stuff on Youtube, at the end of those videos you should absolutely ask them to like it or give a thumbs up or whatever it is there. The more of that kind of thing happens for you, the more your content is going to show up in Youtube search results and therefore the more it’s going to show up elsewhere.

Getting Quality Links to Your Site

Steve: How about linking to your site, I read a lot of stuff that people with high authority on their sites, if they link to you that really helps you go up in the ratings very quickly.

Rick: Well it does as long as it’s a good link profile but the worst thing you can do is buy a like. Probably if you want links to your site you have to create link bait so that means content that’s so good that people who know their stuff are going to link to it, that’s what you have to do.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: Well that’s a good strategy, right? Create something that is so definitive, so good that people who are familiar and are respected link to it.

Steve: When Google sees that you start to get attention?

Rick: Yes, you do.

Steve: Because high authority sites are linking to you and saying this guy knows his stuff.

Rick: Right but don’t participate in any linking schemes.

Steve: Oh no. No, I wasn’t planning on doing that, I was planning on trying to find people who are interested in what I’m talking about and like other bloggers and say what do you think about what I’m saying?

Guest Blogging

Rick: Well, sure and you can always offer to guest blog, that’s a great way, right? You can guest blog on somebody’s site and get a link back to your site that way.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: You can allow them to guest blog on your site and have some of their link juice pass to you. I’m talking about this in the most generic way possible here, that is if somebody of stature does a little blog post on your site that will potentially point their followers to you.

Steve: Okay and that’s a good strategy to use for blog, isn’t it?

Rick: It is, yeah.

Steve: To guest blog and to go both ways, be a guest blogger on somebody’s site and have them guest blog on yours.

Rick: Right.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: Now, I get people all the time asking me if they can blog on my site and I universally tell them, no. Now, if a person of stature in the community wanted to blog on my site I’d let them do it in a heartbeat. So that’s what you’re looking for too. You are looking to be a person with stature in a community, that’s what gets you the opportunity to guest blog and what gets you guest bloggers so it’s a thing you have to earn.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: There are a plenty of people out there who if they asked me if they could post a blog on my site I would say, but those kinds of people aren’t asking me. I mean it’s just a question of being an important part of the community and therefore being allowed access.

Steve: Okay, got you.

Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts

Rick: So I don’t think I would pay for traffic at first.

Steve: Okay, don’t do that.

Rick: But maybe if you’re not getting what you’re looking for, maybe what you do is you use Facebook ads which are way cheaper than Google ads.

Steve: That’s what I’ve heard.

Rick: Put a survey on your Facebook site asking for feedback on a video and then have an ad that points to your Facebook site so people come to it they watch the video. This means you probably end up tailoring videos for different places, right? Because the video that goes on your site doesn’t necessarily want to have a Youtube. I guess you don’t have any choice in that regard.

Steve: Meaning what?

Rick: I was going to say you probably want a different ending on your Facebook video than you want on your Youtube video because in the Facebook video, you want to ask them to interact with you on the Facebook page. Say to post a comment on your Facebook page or whatever whereas in the Youtube video you’re going to want them to do their interaction using the Youtube systems whether it’s a comment or it’s a like or subscribe.

All those things are all indicators of authority and that’s what you’re looking for. Now that I say that you could use Facebook’s video system to post a video also that had a different ending than a Youtube video. So you could say something like “I’m interested in hearing what you think about what I just said, please post your comments or your questions in the comment box below the video”. That’s a good way of soliciting input and then what you could do is you pay to promote the post which is different than paying for advertising.

Steve: Okay, how does that work?

Rick: Well, there’s some amount of money you can pay them and it’s a sponsored post. They’ll show it around and it gets people to see the site. When my book cover comes out I’ll be posting it on Facebook to have people vote on which cover they like. Well, I’m absolutely going to pay to promote that Facebook post because it’s going to be a decent publicity so that kind of thing.

Steve: And what does that typically cost?

Rick: You can spend as much money as you want to and I usually spend 30 bucks.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: It’s cheap.

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