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Start Building your Website Right Part 13 – Final Plan for Site Functionality

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The next part of this Start Right Building Your WordPress website is the site functionality. Since you will be embedding YouTube videos you don’t really have a media player issues. And you can put eCommerce and Membership parts of the site on the back burner since you aren’t ready for those yet.

SEO Plugin

You don’t have any exterior content that you want to add and your site at the moment is simple enough that you’re probably not going to add anything other than administrative things. You’re going to add the SEO plugin so you don’t really have much to do there but your social media integration is actually going to become quite important.

Social Media Sharing

If you are using Facebook and Google+, if that’s the choice that you make then you need a system of adding sharing buttons to your site. You’ll be adding open graph tags so that Facebook and Google know what to take off of your site, what information to take once somebody shares it.

You may want to put your own profile feeds on your site. You may want to put your Facebook profile feed and your Google+ profile feed on your site. At a minimum though you’re going to want to link to those profiles. So these are little bits of functionality that you’re going to need to add to the site at the beginning.

Marketing Integration

A similar kind of thing is true with the email marketing integration. I know that is actually at the forefront of your mind because you’ve mentioned that to me several times.

Email Marketing

You want to make sure people can sign up on your list and so that’s another aspect of functionality that needs to be added to the site. These are all elements that need to be included in your minimum functionality of your site.

Let’s talk about marketing and then we can come back over to this. If we look at marketing, you’ve got email marketing and you’ve chosen your provider as AWeber. Once you’re in AWeber you need to create that initial list and create an initial autoresponder sequence. At a bare minimum it’s got to be “Thank You for Signing Up” but it should probably be more than that. You have an idea around an opt-in strategy so you’ll need to develop a sort of a sales pitch for that opt-in strategy right?

You’re going to have to figure out how you sell the eBook or the report or whatever the video series that you’re going to offer people as an inducement to part with their email address. Then obviously you’ll develop a system for actually delivering it. It’s actually pretty easy to deliver that kind of thing and we’ve got stuff on the site for how to do that but these are all things you’re going to have to work on in this process.

Social Media Marketing

In terms of social media marketing, if we just talk about Facebook and Google+, you need to set up your Facebook page and you may want to get a little bit of graphic help with that. Since you’re getting help with the logo you may want to get a little graphic help with the the main banner of your Facebook page because it is a page, it’s not just your own profile.

You’re going to make an Astute Athlete page and then you’re going to also need to figure out how you’re going to share the Facebook stuff. This comes back into this functionality integration, right? As to whether or not you’re using profile feeds and what kind of sharing buttons you’re going to use on your site.

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