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Start Building your Website Right Part 11 – Final Plan for Site Organization

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Now that we’ve discussed the final plan for content on your new WordPress site, the next most important thing really is setting up your category structure. And this is primarily because your category structure becomes your URL.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: So let’s look at your categories now. For example it would be these two athletes/athletic-nutrition/alkaline-diet/ title of your post.

Steve: Right.

Setting Up the Site URLs for SEO

Rick: Having a good hierarchy makes your URL readable by humans and Google really likes it too. You’re going to read all kinds of junk out there about what to do in order to improve your SEO but if you started my series then you saw the video where I go through Google’s primer on search engine optimization. One of their first things you should do is to make sure your site has a good organizational structure and make sure your URLs read like an English sentence.

Steve: That’s straight out of the Google’s recommendations then right?

Rick: Straight out of their document. Right.

Steve: Good.

Rick: So the category hierarchy is very important to set up at the beginning and to be thinking about so that when you look at things like the astute-athlete/research/dr-tennant right. So it’s that kind of thing, right? It’s the way that URL gets power and it’s also how Google ends up showing those site links because Google looks for the main things on the site and then develops a set of site links for it.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: Let’s see, what do they say about BYOB Website these days? Oh well, look at that. So Thesis 2 Launch Party Replay, Thesis 2.1, they really like both of those, Subscription Options, Video Tutorials. Obviously mine is not blog focused and so the blog doesn’t really show up as well but on a fundamentally blog focused website you’re going to see primary category showing up in this and that’s what you’re shooting for.

Steve: On my categories, what’s going to be in my little search thing to the right side of my blog then, mine should be blog?

Rick: It can be, yes.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: And that’s not really a search thing that’s just a navigation thing.

Steve: A navigation tool, right yes. So, Rick when will this video be available for me to look at? This stuff is flashing by so fast and it’s so interesting for me I want to see what you’re writing down, how this all kind of shapes up.

Rick: A week or so but I’m going to share both the mind map and the document with you as soon as the class is over.

Steve: Okay sounds great.

Rick: So you’ll have that to work with. An absolutely critical part of your learning objective is really to understand the difference between WordPress posts and WordPress pages and how WordPress uses categories and that sort of thing. When we get to the learning plan you’ll see that but that all it has to do with how your site is going to be organized and therefore indexed and therefore found.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: It’s not esoteric knowledge, it’s really essential knowledge if you want to maximize your search engine visibility.

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