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Start Building your Website Right Part 2 – Laying the Foundation

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Now that we have a sense of the type of WordPress website we are building a “Start Right” process for, we’re going to talk about laying the foundation of the site. So we talk about who the ideal customer is, the business purpose of the site and what makes the site’s offerings unique.

Who’s Your Ideal Customer?

Rick: Tell me about your ideal customer.

Steve: My ideal customer is probably someone who’s thin, out of shape, needs to get into shape and they need some good direction from someone who walks the talk. When I define an athlete, it doesn’t have to be an Olympic athlete or a professional athlete, I think anybody who just wants to do some walking, swim, etc. can become an athlete.

Becoming an athlete is the best way to stay in shape. I think diets don’t really work that well. I think being an athlete works a lot better than trying to diet so my ideal person would be probably someone probably from 30 on up to 70 who’s trying to figure out how to stay in shape. I think those would be the best people but possibly down the road even professional athletes may benefit from what I’m talking about.

Rick: So adults 30 to 70, you assume you’re speaking more males or not necessarily?

Steve: Not necessarily, no.

Rick: Who are currently out of shape?

Steve: Or in shape and want to get some real edge on their athletic ability.

Benefits Customers Gain from the Site

Rick: So they’re out of shape and looking to get in shape or are looking to…

Steve: Get an edge over everybody else.

Rick: What would they do with an edge?

Steve: Well if you’re playing on a team you might increase your ability to drop baskets and run faster on the football field or skate faster as a hockey player or have more endurance as a swimmer, lots of things.

Rick: Okay, so perform your sport faster better.

Steve: Yes.

Rick: And are there specific sports that your help is focused on?

Steve: Not really, I think what I’m showing could apply to anybody who wants to get better at what they do. Some of the stuff I’m going to talk about is Doctor Tennant’s work, he’s an MD who went to Harvard, which I think is really remarkable.

Rick: No, that’s okay.

Steve: Okay.

What is the Business Purpose of the Site?

Rick: So what’s the business purpose of your site?

Steve: Right now what I want to do is get feedback from people and then probably down the road create some videos that would really help people sharpen up at what they do and get in better shape.

Rick: How is that business?

Steve: How is that business?

Rick: Yeah.

Steve: I’m going to use this website to create what it is that I actually do so I’m not selling anything like that. This is kind of like a creation website that would help me design what people specifically want to have. So by feedback from people reacting to my videos and telling me, “Oh, that was really amazing”, I’ll know what it is they’re looking for.

Rick: So this is market research?

Steve: Market research and product creation all in one, that’s what I want to do. I want to create products that people actually need rather than create a product and see if I can sell it. I like to prefer to go the other way around.

Rick: So where are you going to sell those products then? Some place else?

Steve: No, I’ll probably sell at the site at some point. So at some point I might need a shopping cart but right now I’m not at that phase, right now I’m at the phase of giving information out and getting feedback and deciding what it is that people would really want to buy, what they really need help with.

Rick: Sure. So I’m trying to force you to talk about how this is going to help you make money and I presume that the ultimate goal of the site is to sell something to somebody.

Steve: Yeah, it would be DVD sets or maybe downloads of information that I produced. That would be another way to do it instead of having an actual DVD product, just to have people do, downloads of eBooks and things like that.

Rick: So in this initial incarnation of the website, what you’re doing is imagining what people will find useful, placing it on the website and then soliciting feedback to identify whether or not it’s useful or not.

Steve: Right, yeah.

Rick: Okay, so the ultimate business purpose is…

Steve: Is the sale of information products.

Rick: Products and the initial purpose is to identify what information the marketplace is looking for.

Steve: Exactly, right and possibly some affiliate work where I affiliate with people who I know have excellent stuff, whose stuff I’ve used. I might do affiliate marketing too maybe, we’ll see.

What Makes Your Offering Unique?

Rick: So perhaps some affiliate marketing as well. So then what is it that makes you unique that would encourage somebody to spend money with you or even give you feedback and watch your video rather than somebody else, rather than the rest of your competition?

Steve: Well, one of the guys that I always really impress me was a guy named Jack LaLanne and Jack died I guess in the last couple of years, I think he was like 94 years old and one of the things Jack did, he’s kind of a show man, is he would do really crazy stunts to show why it’s important to stay in shape and I may do something like that this summer. I have a couple of things planned, I’m thinking about where people think it’s kind of improbable but a 60 year old guy could do a certain physical act and I may film that and then put that on my site and just say, “Look, you could be this kind of stuff too, you can be strong, you could be athletic although you’re in your best in years”, and kind of build a brand around that.

Rick: So try distilling that…

Steve: I guess maybe what it boils down to is

Rick: I’m old and I’m in shape?

Steve: I’m old and I’m in shape and I think a lot of people want it. Oh seriously, a lot of people tell me well I’m old and now I can get out of shape and things like that since I was just never born into that.

Rick: And this is unique you think? You think that there are a bunch of other guys out there who are old and in shape.

Steve: Not where I live.

Rick: Teaching people this stuff?

Steve: Yeah. When I walk around see people my age, it’s just like, yikes, they’re not in shape. Now maybe that’s just the place where I live.

Rick: I’m actually thinking about in the marketplace.

Steve: Okay, in the marketplace

Rick: I was trying to think what makes you unique in the marketplace so if somebody’s got 20 bucks to spend on an eBook or on a video or even if somebody’s got 30 seconds to comment on the video, watch a video, why you and not somebody else?

Steve: One of the things that makes me unique is my teacher who taught me some of my workouts died at the age of 120. He taught the toughest workout I have when he was 90 and I think if you follow some of the stuff that he said to do you can have a long life like he did. It’s very unusual for someone to live that long and be in that kind of shape at that age. I mean unusual to live 120, I mean that’s kind of weird in the first place and I was a direct student of this person so that makes me a little bit unique I think.

Rick: Okay. This is something I think you’re going to need to work on but we’ll go ahead and jot that down here just for the moment.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: So the site is specifically intended at the moment to provide you with sort of market research feedback.

Steve: Yes, and also in my area where I do have direct access to people, I may make a film picking up on 3 or 4 athletes in different areas and taking them through some of my processes and then measuring how their athletic performance increase. I think that would be important for me to prove that the stuff works. Also because I’m a filmmaker and I have all the film making capacities so I could easily pick out a student on a high school track team who say runs a hundred yard dash and get him to cut off a second of his time or something like that. Or find a golfer who’s a typical golfer in a certain score range and change that for him and then film that and then put down on sort of a documentary form or as a case study.

Rick: Alright, but in terms of what the website’s actually supposed to do for you personally, it’s going to give you information to help you create products and then it’s going to sell those products.

Steve: Yes, right.

Rick: And then sell the products. So then again, what should the site do for your ideal client?

Steve: I think it’ll increase the athletic performance. So if they have a certain benchmarks that they’ve always had, if they follow what I say they should be able to change that in a positive direction so if you’re a sprinter you’ll run faster, if you’re a jumper you’ll jump higher, if you’re a swimmer you’ll swim faster and have more endurance. And that’s what I would probably shoot the films to prove. Get case studies and say, “Okay, here’s a guy who runs a quarter mile on the speed”, and I’m going to put some of these things and change them.

Rick: Sure, okay. So at the moment you’re not offering any products or services?

Steve: Not right now, I’m just kind of getting a feel and probably going to line up some athletes to prove the stuff with so it’s not just old guy who studied under a master who says this stuff so believe him. I’ll get some athletes where I can just say, what’s your typical times and what your typical performances and let’s change those, let’s see if it’s going to increase in 10%, 15%.

Rick: Okay, so you also aspire to be able to document performance increases.

Steve: Yes. I think I pretty much have to otherwise I’m just like everybody else out there saying, “Oh, I can do this”, but you know some people think, “So what?”, yeah.

Rick: Right, exactly.

Steve: I think I would document it and because I have all this film capacity there won’t be an extra cost involved for me. I am a filmmaker, that’s what I do.

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