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Start Building your Website Right Part 3 – Defining the Minimum Necessary Content

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We’ve talked about the business purpose of the site, who the ideal customer is and what make’s the site’s offerings unique so now we’re going to define the minimum necessary content for the site to work properly.

Rick: So talk to me about the content on your site. I understand that it’s going to be videos but…

Steve: Pretty much video, yes.

What Pages are there Besides Blog Posts?

Rick: The videos are going to be in the form of blog post, right? You’re going to post the videos on Youtube and then you’re going to post them on your blog. But first talk to me about the pages that you’re going to have besides those blog posts. When you’re thinking about your website, what else besides blog posts do you see on there?

Steve: Right now it’s just a minimum. I put them on today. There will be an About, there will be a Contact and there will be Services and eventually that will be Services and Products and that’s pretty much it. I don’t really want to have a lot of complexity to it. What I want to do is accumulate an email list and begin a dialog of that email list and find out how I’ll classify the different athletes. I may eventually have an email list for there’s this golfers or there’s people working out in a gym like bodybuilders, I think bodybuilders are always looking for an edge. So I don’t see a lot of pages, I see mostly as posts and people contacting me and then me creating products, that’s how I see it working.

Rick: So at the moment your Homepage is just going to be your Blog page?

Steve: Yes, pretty much yeah.

Rick: Okay. So then pages we’re talking about are Home which is going to be the blog and will have some kind of opt-in and then you’re going to have an About page and a Services page. What services are you advertising on that?

Steve: Right now I teach people. If they want to consult with me they can, that’s something I’m not really charged up about, I’ll do it if people ask and probably people will at some point but more what I want to do is create informational products based on feedback.

Rick: Right.

Steve: And it could be that the majority of people that surface are people who want to lose weight, I mean I’m good with that. If I can help people lose weight and become athletic I’m good with that too.


Rick: So do you have testimonials already?

Steve: No, I would have to get together with some people and what I really would probably do is have to get athletes and change their athletic performance and have really good testimonials.

Rick: So you don’t have any workout buddies that you’ve distilled your wisdom for who have said, “Oh my gosh, I start working out with Steve and I really boosted my performance”, or anything like that?

Steve: No, I haven’t got that yet but I know I could get that, that would be pretty easy to do.

Rick: I’m trying to think of a way for you to start with some kind of testimonial, right? It doesn’t have to be somebody who hired you and it doesn’t even have to be necessarily a case study but it does need to be somebody who likes you and admires your enterprise and got benefit from it and is willing to say that.

Steve: I could probably have 3 or 4 people to do that for me but I would really prefer to find an athlete who doesn’t know me and say, “I’m going to provide certain nutrients and disciplines and share with you some of the workouts that I do and let’s change your performance and I’m going to film you and at the end of the filming, I’m going to want you to say something about it on film”, and that would be a video testimonial, that’s what I would be looking to do.

Rick: Sure. It seems likely to me and very likely to me that you will need to do that.

Steve: I know, yeah. I think that’s essential otherwise it’s just like there’s a guy talking on the web,”Who is he?”.

Rick: But then you could use your Services page to advertise that.

Steve: Yeah, sure. Sure I could.

Rick: Okay, and at the moment then really all we have is your Home page and About page and Services page.

Steve: Yeah, we don’t have any products and we don’t have any testimonials.

Rick: I’m going to put testimonials down here anyway.

Steve: Okay, I think they’re important.

Rick: Yeah, you’re going to want some kind of social proof.

Steve: Yes.

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