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Start Building your Website Right Part 8 – Defining the Minimum Necessary Marketing Elements

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Social Media

Rick: So tell me which social media sites you post on at least once a week.

Steve: I’m not a big social media person but I know I have to become one so I know that Facebook and Google+ are in my gun sights. I need to come up to speed very quickly on how they work and probably Twitter, maybe Linkedin I’m not sure but Facebook is a definite.

Rick: What social media do you think your target audience or your ideal client is using regularly?

Steve: Probably Facebook, I know almost everybody uses Facebook. A lot of younger people use Facebook but I know a lot of people in my age bracket use Facebook particularly women. I don’t know so much about men. I’d have to look the stats myself but I think it’s important and that’s probably how I’ll reach a lot of people.

Rick: Okay, and do you have any idea what demographic is using Google+?

Steve: Google+ I think is still coming up, I think it started relatively recently I don’t think it has the customer basic that Facebook does but I don’t know. No, I don’t know about Google+ yet, I have to do some research.

Rick: So if you’re just going to pick two

Steve: Okay

Rick: To start with, what would the two be?

Steve: Facebook and Google+

Rick: Okay.

Steve: And the reason I say Google+ is because I’ve got a Youtube channel, I think that’s a really key part of this whole thing.

Rick: Well, it’s also integral to having a Google authorship set up.

Steve: Exactly.

Rick: So I would say those two would be a good choice and until you are very proficient in both of those I wouldn’t even consider anything else.

Steve: Oh yeah, and I may not need anything else, that maybe more that I can handle right there.

Rick: Yeah, there’s nothing worse than inviting people to participate with you in some kind of a social networking environment only to find out that you don’t do anything in that or you haven’t done anything in that. At that point that’s not social networking anymore. So the people that you invite are going to choose their favorite mechanism and if it’s Twitter but you don’t tweet that’s not doing them or you any good and it doesn’t tell them that this person has something valuable and useful to share with me.

Steve: Right.

Rick: So since you don’t have anything then you want to minimize your focus. I would say two at the maximum until you have mastered those all the way and then if it seems apparent that you need to extend that to something else you can.

Steve: Yeah, I’d probably start with Facebook or Google, I’m kind of tossing between the two of them. I know Google is connecting with Youtube and that’s an important connection to me, I probably would do two at once.

Email Marketing

Rick: So tell me about your email marketing strategy. You’ve said to me repeatedly, you want to get people signed up on your list. What are you going to do with that list?

Steve: Probably what I would do is down the road I would probably do live casts and maybe podcasts depending on who it is and what I’m doing I may charge for those. And also the email list might help me decide what videos to produce, what things are needed. It’s kind of a way of getting research and getting people to respond to that.

Rick: So what you mean is you plan on sending people that are on your list email invitations either to things that you’re selling or to solicit feedback from them.

Steve: Yeah, or just maybe to live seminar that’s free just because they’re on my list.

Rick: Okay so if you’re soliciting feedback from them what’s your strategy for getting them to opt-in? Why would they bother opting in?

Steve: I might offer an eBook that would be on one of the topics. I might write like a 10-page report and say here is a 10-page report on how to do a simple garden, very easy or here’s a 10-page report on how to do a proper meditation and visualization.

Rick: You’re going to use an ethical bribe and essentially you’re going to offer that to something.

Steve: An ethical bribe, yes.

Rick: And have you created any of those sorts of things yet?

Steve: No but I could probably create it in a matter of a couple of days, it’s not that tough to do.

Rick: Okay, and you’re planning on using Thesis and personified as your skin?

Steve: Yes.

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