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Start Building your Website Right Part 18 – Question and Answer

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Steve: Well, this has been a very eye opening experience for me. I have realized the depth of what really has to be behind this to take a serious shot at something. I really appreciate it and I’ll be working on this stuff. Are we done?

Rick: There are a couple of people who ask some questions so I’m going to go ahead and take some questions.

Displaying Usernames on a Site

Steve: Okay. Alright.

Rick: Okay. Let’s see, Lori asked, do I suggest that the email be blatantly list on the website? Okay, what she’s pointing out is that you’re username is your oh, where did it go? Oh well actually I think you changed it. Crazy. Okay it used to be on here well okay, so you used to have your username on this and your username was your email address. What you want to do is configure your user, should have added to the list, configure your user let’s see where would that go? That would go under Google Authorship because here what you’re going to do is configure your user profile in WordPress because really you don’t want your username showing up like that, what you want is your actual name showing up there, that’s the way Google wants it so that’s the way it should be so it should just say Stephen rather than saying

Nothing wrong with using your email as your username but it just doesn’t make a good display publicly as name. Let’s see Craig asked, “For those of us who have persevered this 3+ hours, are we going to get a copy of the Start Right Plan?”. Craig if you’d like a copy I’d be glad to give it to you. Let’s see, do I suggest that the email, okay I got that part. Okay Sharon, I’m going to take the conversation about database moving offline. Anybody else have any questions related to this conversation? Actually, what I’m going to do folks, rather than giving you his plan oh no, that’s fine, I’ll create a master out of this and share the master with everybody.

The Importance of SEO When Starting to Build a Website

Let’s see, “If you haven’t used SEO at the beginning when starting with your website, does this hurt you in SEO?”, asked Kent. Yes, absolutely. It does hurt your SEO if you haven’t been doing it and you should start doing it as quickly as possible. I’m not suggesting that you change your category names and stuff like that anymore but I am saying that if you are just posting videos on your site and you don’t have custom meta descriptions, title tags or transcripts on your site then you’re going to do very poorly in SEO. So Charlie says, “The share for the mind map was on the bottom”, was it really, duh? On the bottom, “Share this Map” in big blue letters I got it right, of course okay.

Let’s see I’m going to share this one with Stephen. Oh, his email didn’t come up and then I’m going to share the master publicly so let’s go see if I can find so those of you who are persevering stay on because I’m going to post the link here in just a second. Let’s go to mail so don’t leave yet and stephen, this is the one, okay so let’s see. Oh here it is, okay invite candidate. Okay, done and then I’m going to come over to my master, okay and I’m going to share this, I’m going to make it public, say okay, I’m going to place it right in the chat window so everybody can grab that and I’m going to create a copy of this.

SEO Conversion Plugin

Let’s see, make a copy of Start Right Plan, say okay and then I’m going to make this public, anyone with the link and save that, okay they can view it but not edit, right, save and here’s the link to that document. Done. Okay so in fact, there you go. I’ve all kinds of anonymous people jump on this one now, okay anyway, so there are those two sets of documents. “If I have used All In One SEO, can I change to Yoast without causing problems?”. I think there are converters out there that will convert All In One to Yoast, I would look and see I don’t really know. I think there’s going to have to be some kind of conversion and I would look into a plugin that will convert from All In One SEO to Yoast, that was what I would do with that.

Why Use Thesis?

Any other questions because we went way over. “Why use Thesis, there’s a lot of bad press”. Yeah the bad press is not deserved though I mean it depends on what you, “Why do I use Thesis?”. Thesis is exceptionally easy to customize. I think Thesis is without much question, one of the most powerful themes available, if you are a developer, it’s a breeze to customize, if you are a web designer, you can take your basic HTML and CSS knowledge and do anything in the world with it and if you’re somebody who’s starting from scratch but you want to learn how to do that kind of stuff then you need to learn the least amount of code, of I think any other WordPress platform I know of.

It’s not to say that there aren’t other good platforms and obviously I teach Genesis and I like Genesis and I think Genesis is good for a certain set of people and a certain context and it can be the right decision but there’s not much question on my mind that Thesis is just a huge time saver for developers and massively empowers web designers in a way that Genesis just doesn’t. It can’t because it really requires people to be PHP programmers. Now, I like programming PHP so there’s no big deal but really for the same kind of things you can do in Thesis you have to be a WordPress PHP programmer in other contexts. Now, “Why did Stephen choose it?”, okay Stephen let’s see I’m going to unmute you. Somebody wants to know why you chose Thesis.

Steve: Why did I choose Thesis?

Rick: Yeah, why did you choose Thesis?

Steve: Because a guy that I really admire who’s a really good marketer on the internet, Jeff Walker, his site is Thesis driven and I hired a guy to do some work for me, he did some work and it was good but I just thought to myself, “Geez, what is Walker using?” I went look through the site and realized he’s using Thesis and this guy is really really sharp and the fact that he uses Thesis just said to me, just follow what he’s doing. Go look into and I did some reading on it and it seems like it’s really designed to operate very quickly and Google apparently like the way it works and you’re much more likely to get higher ratings if you use Thesis, if the PR is correct. I think it probably is because Walker uses it and to me that was the main reason why I used it.

Thesis Vs Genesis

Rick: I mean in terms of the things that you’ve just mentioned that is, in terms of speed and SEO power, it’s probably fair to say that Genesis and Thesis are the same. There’s probably not a difference between the two of them in terms of either site speed or at least, I haven’t identified any difference between the two of them in terms of site speed and I’ve tested them myself on comparable sites and in terms of SEO since you’re using Yoast SEO, you’re already swapping out some of Thesis’ abilities for Yoast instead except that Thesis has built-in schema which everything is going to become a critical component to search engine optimization in the future but in that case, so is Genesis, Genesis also employs schema so I think in terms of those two things, really the two are a wash and not in a bad way. I mean I think they lead the pack in that but they definitely provide essentially the same features.

There’s nothing wrong with doing you know, somebody who wanted me to give him a lot of money recently said you know, if you want to be successful at something, find somebody who’s already successful at it and pay him to teach you and so in fact, I did give him a bunch of money. So you know, I think there’s some value in them, some value in following in the footsteps of somebody who’s been very successful on what they’re doing.

Use of the Schema Plugin in Thesis

Lori asks, “Does it mean that if you use the Thesis theme that you don’t need to use a schema plugin?”, that is correct. You do not need to use the schema plugin with the Thesis theme because schema is built into the theme so it automatically does that stuff for you. Somebody else want to know why you didn’t just go get the elegant themes since you don’t know how to use Thesis but I think you already answered that question.

Steve: Yeah.

Rick: Well, I think we’re at the end of questions here so it’s been a long day, we’re going to call it a day. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to demonstrate this with your site.

Steve: No, I appreciate you working on it, it’s really been interesting.

Rick: I hope you got benefit out of it and I hope everybody who stayed for the full 3 hours and 20 minutes got benefit out of it too. So everybody have a great day and we’ll be back next Wednesday with live Q&A twice and then we’re going to have some kind of a seminar next Thursday.

Steve: That sounds great, thanks Rick I really appreciate it.

Rick: You betcha. Talk to you later.

Steve: Talk to you soon.

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