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Start Building your Website Right Part 16 – Summary of the Minimum Necessary to Have a Viable Website

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We’re down to the last part of this Start Building Your WordPress Website Right plan. And that is essentially defining what is the minimum necessary that we need in order to get this job done.

The minimum number of pages or the minimum pages, the minimum amount of graphics, the minimum functionality, the minimum SEO, the minimum marketing, the minimum amount of knowledge and to that extent that it’s necessary, the minimum number of consultants and that really takes us over to this document here.

Minimum Pages and Content

We’ve got our minimum pages, Home, About, Services, Testimonials and Contact. We’ve got our minimum content for the site, that is if you create these 12 posts you’ll have met your minimum content for targeted content.

We need to reach a minimum testimonial here and that really means that you need to solicit some testimonials immediately and you need to get photographs of the people doing their sport, having fun or a head shot or something to go along with the testimonial.

Steve: It could be anybody, even family members right?

Rick: Absolutely, sure.

Steve: Alright.

Rick: Yes. I once thought about having one of my kids do a little testimonial video, “You know I think my dad is just great”, but I couldn’t get any of my kids to do it so it never happened.

Steve: And you don’t have to put their names there, you could put like John or Jay Jones or something like that, right.

Rick: Yes. Ultimately that’s essentially true. The ultimate believability is that they are identifiable, that’s when it’s ultimately believable.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: Because you could just make up stuff otherwise, right?

Steve: But if we put family members down people can see that they have your last name.

Rick: Yeah. Well, if you’re going to put a family member down there it’s going to be a little tongue and cheek.

Steve: Right, okay.

Rick: Right? But because that will undermine the value a little bit.

Steve: Right, got you.

Rick: But having said that you have to think about what is it that distinguishes the testimonial from somebody just making that stuff up and sticking it on their site.

Steve: Right.

Rick: Now, one of the things that distinguishes it is that it’s not written in perfect language. Iit’s not written in perfect sales pitch language because people when they give a real testimonial, unless they’re in the business, they don’t actually know how to give a written sales pitch so they don’t. They just say what they think.

Minimum Graphic Assets

Your minimum graphic assets, I think you need are a logo and a photo of yourself. And then a banner image for Facebook and a banner image for Google+. Then the screenshots for your featured posts, I think those are the minimum graphic assets you need. Obviously this one and this one are going to be easy, you’re probably going to get help from a graphic artist on these.

Steve: On the banner image?

Rick: On the banner image for Facebook, banner image for Google+ and your logo.

Steve: Yeah, okay.

Minimum Site Organization/SEO

Rick: Your site organization is going to be very simple. Again that’s the same pages, your category hierarchy is fleshed out a little bit but now you understand what you need to do in order to see how that hierarchy really plays out, right?

For voltage, it probably doesn’t want to sit there, it probably wants greater category over it.

Steve: I don’t know, I have to think about that because people are not going to know what that means, they’re just going to go right past it. It’s too far out there.

Rick: I don’t know where it goes but this is something that you’re going to want to wrestle with a little bit more because now that we’ve had this conversation, recognizing that your URL is astute-athlete/athletic-nutrition/alkaline-diet/why-sugar-sucks or whatever. That’s the URL and that’s the purpose of these categories and every post only has one category. So if a post really fits more than one category you’ve still got to figure out what its primary category is and give it that.

Steve: So it can be found easily?

Rick: Well, so it can be indexed properly.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: That’s the problem. The problem is that you’re going to use categories for indexing and if you use multiple categories then you have problems with duplicate content and also WordPress just does not do well with multiple categories on a given post.

Steve: Oh, okay.

Rick: It chokes on it.

Steve: It just have one, one main one.

Rick: One period.

Steve: Okay, one period.

Rick: So if it’s about alkaline diet, that’s what it is not alkaline diet and athletic nutrition and I’m going to point you in the direction where you learn about this here.

Steve: Alright. This is SEO stuff then, right?

Rick: It is SEO stuff, right.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: So getting back to the SEO, we’ve already talked about this initial keyword list. This really needs to get a lot bigger than this because you’re going to exhaust this keyword list in a heartbeat. Again, you’re looking for what is it that you think you’re ideal customer is looking for when they’re looking for you.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: And so each of your posts is going to have to have an SEO description and a title. At a minimum, each post going to have to have at least 3 internal links or 3 links out of it to some place else.

Steve: To another post?

Rick: To another post on your site or another page on your site.

Steve: Okay.

Integration with Google

Rick: And then in terms of Google integration, you’re going to need to set up webmaster tools.

Steve: Now what are webmaster tools, is that just like something that Google puts out?

Rick: Yes. It’s really the thing that controls the search engine crawling and Google authorship.

Steve: And that’s off your Google+ account, right?

Rick: Yes, that’s all around your Google+ account, all of this stuff is.

Steve: So analytics and webmaster tools?

Rick: Yes.

Steve: Okay.

Minimum Site Functionality

Rick: In terms of site functionality, you’re going to be looking for or considering sort of the pay with a like plugin, you’re going to be deciding which sharing buttons you’re using.

Steve: Right now it’s only two that I want to do it, with Google+ and Facebook.

Rick: You might choose to actually allow sharing for other things, right? Somebody who really likes to use Pinterest and finds your site, as long as you got an image there, they can share you on Pinterest if that’s what they want to do.

Steve: And it’s not going to hurt me if I don’t have a Pinterest page?

Rick: It’s not, no.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: Because people are sharing what they’re interested in.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: And that’s also going to mean configuring the open graph tags. No, I did not mean that, I guess I’m going to open graph tags. We’ve got the sharing and then links to your profiles, this is where it has only two of them. You may also want profile feeds, that’s something you’ll decide yourself, feeds on your site.

The problem with profile feeds on the site is they will have a tendency to slow the site down because they’re essentially taking your Facebook feed or your Google+ feed and putting it on your website so they have to run out there and grab that information and display it.

Steve: Is there a reason to not do that?

Rick: The reason to not doing it is because generally speaking the direction you want to take people is from your social networking to your site not the other way around.

Steve: Right exactly, yeah.

Rick: So the feed gives them the opportunity to take off to your profile.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: It’s just a choice that you’re going to need to make. In terms of email marketing integration, this primarily has to do with choosing the method of placing the forms and choosing where they go, and choosing where the forms are displayed. In terms of SEO plugins, in your case it’s Yoast SEO and it is Yoast Video SEO.

Steve: Oh, there’s two different ones.

Rick: Yes. This one’s a $35 add on to the free one.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: But I’m pretty sure you want this as well.

Steve: Yeah, that’s because that’s basically all video.

Minimum Marketing

Rick: Right. So let’s take a look at your site marketing plan. So then when we start talking about email marketing I’m presuming that you’ve already set up your AWeber account.

Steve: Yeah, I’m in the process of that.

Rick: You’re going to need to create your list and you’re going to need to create your initial autoresponder series. You probably are going to need to have a strategy for how often and why you’re contacting them as soon somebody shows up. Your list is probably going to grow kind of slowly but you’re still going to have to generate content at absolute minimum once a month.

Email Marketing Strategies

Steve: What if I just say when I tell them on my email list, “” Hey, I got a new post”.

Rick: That’s perfect.

Steve: I’ve got a post, take a look at this.

Rick: It’s absolutely perfect. Yes.

Steve: Because I plan on posting it once a week, that’s probably what I want to settle down to after I get my initial posts down.

Rick: Okay, if you do that your people will become accustomed to seeing something of value from you.

Steve: Right.

Rick: And that is a useful email marketing strategy. If they are accustomed to primarily getting useful information then they’ll stay on your list. They’ll open your emails, right? I recently listen to a guy on email marketing saying that you’re lucky if 2% of your list opens your email. Well, I almost always have 20% of my list people open my emails. But I also have people say they hate me and I’m a spammer so there’s no accounting for how people are going to perceive you in the marketplace.

Steve: Yeah but if they signed up for your list, why are they calling you a spammer?

Rick: I guess they didn’t want to get to any emails from me. I had two spam complaints here this week but if you look at this 30% of the people opened the email I sent yesterday. For the “How to Eat an Elephant”, 22% opened. That’s because people are accustomed to getting information from me because I very seldom send a sales pitch.

Steve: Well I thought you were warning today or yesterday about not upgrading WordPress right away because I would have done this.

Rick: Where you are right now with your site it doesn’t matter, you can upgrade right now. But there are people who are using older plugins for whom it will matter.

Steve: Okay so I should actually upgrade right now, you think that’s a good idea?

Rick: Yeah, absolutely because you just don’t want to use plugins that are old.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: There is no reason not to upgrade if you have a brand new site that you’re building from scratch.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: By all means, upgrade because both Thesis and Genesis work just fine in 3.9. It’s not a question of the theme working it’s a question of plugins that people have acquired overtime that have not been updated and it may break their site.

Steve: Okay, I just thought there might be some compatibility issues with the brand new WordPress in Thesis..

Rick: No, that’s fine. It’s all about people who have had sites for awhile and are using old plugins.

Opt-in Strategy

So you need to develop an opt-in strategy. Mainly in this case that’s a sales pitch and a product.

Steve: Okay, an ethical bribe?

Rick: An ethical bribe.

Steve: Right.

Social Media Strategy

Rick: So sales pitch and then develop an ethical bribe. In terms of your social media marketing, the critical thing here is to fully configure Facebook page and to fully configure your Google+ profile, make it public which it’s not yet.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: And then once you’ve done that, begin posting twice a week.

Steve: Just something, right?

Rick: Right.

Steve: In that way it won’t look like a ghost town as you say.

Rick: Right, exactly. Nobody may visit your page, it doesn’t matter. You’re not putting it there because you’re trying to attract people, you’re putting it there so that when you do attract someone it does not look like you just got on the scene.

Site Appearance/Outsourcing

In terms of your site appearance, you actually already have this handled. There’s really aren’t any tasks for you to do on that so I’m not really going to put anything there. In terms of your outsourcing plan though you do need to find a graphics person quickly. Personally I wouldn’t spend a minute transcribing your videos, I would outsource that in a heartbeat.

Steve: Do you know a cheap service?

Rick: Well, you can look again on Fiverr. There are Fiverr people doing 5 minutes of transcription for $5 all over the place. Probably a more prolonged solution is Odesk, that’s what I used to use before I hired somebody full time for that.

Steve: Yeah, I’ve looked at Odesk before.

Rick: But there’s not really any question, it has to be transcribed.

Steve: Yeah, it does.

Rick: So the only question is whether or not your time is well spent transcribing and my guess is it is not.

Steve: Probably not.

Rick: Because really you can get help on Odesk for a couple of bucks an hour and get really good transcriptions for prices like that.

Steve: So just go to Odesk and look for transcribers?

Rick: Yes. Set up an account there and put together a transcription project. What I used to do is I would pick my favorite three and I would give them each the same task. I’d hire all three of them to do the same task, look them over and then pick the one that did the best job for all the rest of the work.

Steve: Okay, gotcha.

Rick: So you may pay an extra 50 or 60 bucks for content that you’re not really using but what’s important is that you find somebody who is going to produce a really high quality transcript for you. And you can find people who specialize in health and fitness so they know the terminology and they understand what you’re saying.

Steve: Got it.

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