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Start Building your Website Right Part 9 – Considering What to Oursource

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Issues Related to Video Posts

Rick: Have you thought about hiring out anything on the site?

Steve: As part of what?

Rick: Well let’s see, I presume you’re doing your own video editing?

Steve: Yes and I’m shooting.

Rick: And your own shooting. Who’s going to transcribe your videos?

Steve: That I would probably to hire out or just get a high school kid to do it but I know there are services to do that, I think it’s important to transcribe the videos.

Rick: And do you have any plan to edit those transcriptions to make them more SEO effective?

Steve: That would be me, I would do that. I actually transcribe other people’s right now, that’s part of one of the things that I do. There’s a couple people from other countries that their English is kind of thick and they ask me to transcribe so I’m used to transcribing, making it readable.

Rick: Okay.

Steve: And putting in the right keywords. Probably what I will do in very short order is be building my topics around key words so that they’re in the actual video and then I’m putting that into transcription.

Rick: Obviously we produce a ton of video and the consequence of that is that we have a ton of transcription. If you can’t tell already you’ll soon learn that I don’t actually include any special keywords in my videos, right? I’m just talking about what I’m talking about. The exception is for some of the videos for the courses and seminars. For those when the transcription is finished we do review the content and make minor modifications to the transcripts both to improve my grammar and to improve the search engine value of the transcript.

Steve: Yeah.

Rick: And so that’s a lot of work for a person, right? We couldn’t possibly do it with a person, it takes 5 of us to maintain BYOB Website.

How Often Should You Post?

Steve: Well, that brings to an interesting question. What’s the posting rate that you think is appropriate? I was thinking one or two a week. Initially I’ll probably do them very fast but eventually I’ll move down to like 1 a week, 2 a week something like that. Is that enough posting to do?

Rick: I think for a regular blog once a week is probably just fine, right? That’s 50 posts in a year.

Steve: Yeah.

Rick: But you’re going to want to start with 10.

Steve: Right.

Rick: I think 10 is going to be the minimum number of posts that you need to meet this definition of the minimum site necessary in order to be effective.

Where Does Video Transcription Go?

Steve: And where do you put the transcription, you put it like below your post or with your post?

Rick: Yeah, you’re going to put it below the post.

Steve: Okay so what you do is read it?

Rick: Yes.

Steve: Okay.

Rick: And more to the point when Google searches, when somebody searches for it that’s what Google sees, right?

Steve: Exactly.

Rick: Google doesn’t give a jack about the video and if it did know about the video it doesn’t know what’s on it.

Steve: Right, exactly.

Rick: And so the only thing that really matters in the search is the transcript, right? You do the video for the person and the transcript to help them find it.

Steve: Yes, exactly.


Rick: Okay, so you’ll probably outsource some transcription, obviously you’re going to outsource some graphic work because you’re not going to design your own logo.

Steve: Right. Yeah, I’ll have somebody do that for me.

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