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Website Review – – Part 2 – Identifying the Business Purpose of the Site

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When I do an evaluation of a WordPress website like this, the very first thing that I believe you need to do is identify what business purpose of your site. I think Faris has done a pretty good job of expressing and understanding that.

Being Found by Search Engines and Having the Right Content

The business purpose of this site is to get people to contact him to get more information. So the way this site is going to do that is by first being findable on Google and then second, by having sufficient content on it to convince people that he’s the right company for the job and that his company will be able to handle their work.

Use Business Purpose to ID Where to Expend Energy

So once you understand the business purpose of the site then you use that as a tool for deciding where you’re going to put your energy. And what kinds of things you’re going to set aside to do later especially when you’re creating your own website and you’re busy.

You have a limited amount of time that you can spend to develop a site and so you have to be able to focus on those things that are important and ignore those things that are not important. In my opinion, the fundamental way to do that is to define and understand the business purpose of your site and then judge every potential path that you’re going to take by that business purpose.

Work on Tasks that Advance the Business Purpose of the Site

Essentially, asking yourself the question, “If I work on this, is it going to materially advance the business purpose of the site?”, “Is it going to be better at generating leads?”, “Is my site going to do a better job of convincing people that they should do business with me?” or “Is it going to improve my visibility in search engines?”.

If the answer is “No” to any of those things then it’s not central to the business purpose of the site and it isn’t something you need to pay particularly close attention to until you have a bunch of spare time.

Ways Traffic Comes to a Site

So that’s the reason why we need to find the business purpose of the site right away. And once you’ve defined that then you have to evaluate how traffic is brought to the site and Faris actually has 3 potential choices, right?

  • Get traffic to the site via organic search traffic
  • Direct paid advertising to the site (Google ads or Other web ads)
  • Use social sharing

Importance of an Organic Search Traffic

There are some kinds of sites that are just absolutely perfect for social networking and social sharing and it seems to me that no one is going to pick an IT security company for their business based on a Facebook like. So I would say that probably social sharing elements probably aren’t particularly critical to the success of the site.

What’s probably going to be more important are either paid advertising or organic search traffic. Of course, the cheapest thing and probably the easiest is to get is organic search traffic.

I had a consultation myself with the marketing guy here last week and we’re talking about increasing targeted traffic to the site and he was suggesting that really the only thing I can do now to really increase traffic with the site is to pay for advertising.

I could decide I’m going to set aside $10,000 a month to pay for advertising to direct people to BYOBWebsite. First, I don’t have that amount of money to spend just to figure out how people are looking for me in a way that is effective for advertising and second, I also have to be really good at converting them when they come to the site.

That is a sort of a technical skill set that is I think a little bit more difficult to wrap your mind around than coming up with an effective strategy for increasing your organic search traffic. Paid advertising may in fact be a way that Faris chooses to go in the future but in the short term probably the easiest and most effective thing to do to improve his organic search traffic.

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