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Website Review – – Part 5 – The Minimum Necessary Content

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Now that you understand what is necessary in order to be returned in search results by Google, the next thing we’re going to talk about is the minimum necessary content for your WordPress business website. We touched on this a fair bit already but we’re going to talk about it in depth now.

Sufficient Length for Content

First it needs to be of sufficient length, so any content that’s less than 300 words is useless. If you’re writing 200 word articles those articles aren’t going to get indexed and aren’t going to be useful for you in search engines and you’ve wasted your time.

It’s not a bad place to start when you’re outlining your site but it doesn’t meet the minimum requirement necessary. The minimum requirement necessary is 300 words and on those pages that you expect to be really important for your business you should shoot for 600 or more.

Specific, Directed Content

The content needs to be directed, that is the content needs to specifically speak to the kinds of searches that people are going to do if they’re looking for your services.

On Page SEO

As I said before, the content should have HTML elements like headings, sub headings, bulleted lists and emphasized text. There should be some kind of a local language.

Local References (Where You Do Business)

At the very least the main pages should reference London and West London or Greater London. You shouldn’t use the same terminology but you should use enough of it so that London Area, Greater London, West London or various neighborhoods in London are mentioned. What you want to do is convince Google and everybody who’s looking at your site that they are talking to a business in the London area.

Length and Focus of the Content

When I said that there were two main flaws in the content on the site as it is built now I was referring to their length and their focus because your content should really be focused on the visitor. If you look at the content here, this is mostly about the company, right?

Move Focus from Company to the Customer’s Needs

“Computer security is what we are all about. Our company says it all. We call our staff IT security guards.” So this is all about them. “Security is the watchword in all the IT services that we offer.” Lots of “we can” and “we offer”.

Let’s go back to that 24/7 Remote Systems Management, “We can manage your IT systems for you.”, “This means that we can keep your systems safe”, “We can remotely install and configure”, “We also offer”. These statements are all focused on the company, what the company can do and frankly, nobody cares what the company can do, not really.

Solving People’s Problems

Nobody is looking at the website because they want to know what the company can do. People are coming to the website because they have problem that they need to solve and so the content on the site should be more focused on the customer and should have less “we” statements and much more “you” statements.

You need your systems to be secure, you need to be able to believe that when your employees connect up with their mobile devices that it doesn’t put your systems at risk . You can always rephrase what you do in terms of what they need but that’s really what you ought to be focusing on, content that is about the customer and on their problems and on solutions to their problems.

This is a very easy thing to fall into when beginning to write your content. It’s not bad for an outline, it’s not a bad place to start by saying “We do this, this and this” but this absolutely needs to be focused on the benefits of working with your company. And the benefits of working with your company are what it does for them, the customer. And that’s I think the second greatest flaw in the content.

The first greatest flaw in the content is it’s too short and the second greatest flaw in the content is it’s all about you. And it should not be about you, it should be about them, their problems and the solutions to their problems that you can provide.

Unique Selling Proposition

Finally, in terms of minimum necessary content, what you really need is some sort of unique selling proposition that’s shown some place on the site and the best place is probably at the beginning on the homepage.

There needs to be a clear and succinct statement as to why they should do business with you rather than somebody else. What is it that is unique to you that means that compels someone to do business with you rather than with all of your competitors.

This is not always something that’s not necessarily particularly easy to express. And sometimes it’s even harder to do at the very beginning of your business. Nevertheless, you need to give them a reason for calling Secured Tech rather than somebody else because in the absence of that, it’s going to be very easy for them to move on.

They may not recognize what’s unique about you and so that’s what you have to express. And it can’t be full of vague terms. It can’t be “Well, we’re faster and we’re better than everybody else”. If you’re going to say “faster and better” then what you need to do is be specific about that.

You can say something like, “We respond to 24/7 remote request within 15 minutes”, “We respond to request for infrastructure development in 2 days”. If you’re going to say “better” then you need to have a way to quantify that. So better than what?

What you need is some kind of a reason why the customer would call you rather than call somebody else and in the absence of that, all you’ve done is told them that you’re good at what you do and that you understand their issues. That might be all that’s necessary but somewhere in there I think you need to provide them a reason why they want to work with you.

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