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Website Review – – Part 1 – Overview of the Site We are Reviewing

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Before we begin your WordPress website review to identify if it has the minimum necessary requirements to meet your business purpose, let’s talk about your business. What services do you provide and what kinds of clients are you looking for?

Type of Business

Faris: The business is IT Consultancy or a full IT Solutionist. It means design, implementation and the operation but the core subject of my company’s business is security. As you all know security is a big issue now. All things that involve the net are already un-secure and we cannot make it 100% secure so the purpose of my business is to absolutely minimize downtime of businesses in terms of of IT. We give them the security of being there when they need my services.

Rick: And what kind of things could happen to somebody where they would your services?

Example of Services Offered

Faris: Well, their sites can go down altogether, a router can crash or their main server can be affected by virus and so on.

Rick: And what kinds of customers are you marketing to or are you trying to reach?

Target Customers

Faris: It is mid-size businesses, small to medium size businesses. The main focus is on medium size because those are the companies with branches and they share new resources between their sites. They usually have 25+ employees, their employees use new mobile devices not to lose their business and plenty of laptops.

What Is the Purpose of Your Website?

Rick: So having that as the service you provide and the kinds of customers that you are looking for, what’s the business purpose of this website? What is it supposed to do for your business?

Faris: The core purpose of this website is to attract customers, clients. I’m providing information to my prospective customers and attracting them by saying what I’m there to do, to show the genuineness of my company and all the core information that can convince my prospective customers. That is the purpose of this website.

Rick: Once they’re convinced, what do you want them to do?

Faris: To call my staff, my self and subscribe to my service which is designing, implementation, operation and 24/7 support.

Generate Leads

Rick: So what you’re looking for this website to do is essentially generate leads for you?

Member: Correct.

Rick: And you wanted to generate leads from companies with 25 or more employees that may have remote work environments. So employees may work from home, they may have satellite business operations where they are communicating back to the mother office and they have real potential for security breaches and real damage in the case of data loss.

Faris: Correct. They’ve got some sort of vulnerability in terms of security.

Rick: Right. And so the primary way that you expect people to find this website then is via a Google search?

Faris: Google search, correct.

Rick: They’ve got some kind of a problem or they’re doing some kind of planning and they sit down and search for something and they find your site?

Faris: Correct. I mean, my business is best in the Western area especially West London or Greater London. If they put it into a search engine, IT security iInfrastructure setup, firewall, anti-virus and proper setting up of IT infrastructure and those type of keywords then I would like my website to pop up.

Rick: Perfect. Well we’re going talk about how your website is set up and what changes you may need to make to meet your goals.

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