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Website Review – – Part 7 – Prescription for Improving the Site

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Now that we’ve taken an in depth look at the website for the review, here are 10 actionable items starting from the most important ending with the least important. Having said that all of these fit in the context of what’s the minimum necessary for this WordPress business website to be effective and reach its goals.

The first prescription I’m referring to as the 3 C’s and the 3 C’s are content, content and content. That’s all that’s important in this conversation, is the content and its integration with Google.

#1 – Must Read Articles from

So the first prescription is to go to and join their site for free. They have this free series of articles and video here on content marketing. You don’t ever have to buy anything from these guys. I’m not an affiliate of copyblogger, however, they have very, very good information.

How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines

In particular what I recommend that you do once you’ve signed up is get the free eBooks that you can download and read. And the one that I recommend that you read is “How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines”. You can read this in an hour, you can keep it as a reference and then everything else you do from there you can use this to add value in your work.

They actually have other excellent ebooks like “A Content Marketing Strategy That Works” and “Copywriting 101 – How to Craft Compelling Copy” and “Online Marketing”. They’ve got these 5 main eBooks that they give away for free. And there’s plenty of good information in here but if you were only going to read one of them then the one to read and to embrace and take to heart is “How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines”.

That’s prescription number 1.

#2 – Redevelop Your Existing Content

Prescription number 2 is to redevelop your existing content.

The Home Page

We’re going to go through this page by page starting with your homepage.

Unique Selling Proposition

Your homepage needs your unique selling proposition here some place. Do a Google search for unique selling proposition and read a couple of articles on it untill you get the idea and then take your first crack at that.

This is not going to be the “be all and end all” for this statement. After you get a whole bunch of work done on the site you’re going to come back to this and really take a weekend off and think about it when you have the luxury of time.

You can always refine this message but at the very beginning, just get a basic foundation for understanding what your unique selling proposition ought to be and then take your first crack at it and then put your first crack at that on your homepage.

Adding More Content

Secondly, this homepage needs to have 600 words on it and it needs to address the kinds of problems that mid-size technology dependent businesses have. It needs to address those problems and it needs to speak to how you can fix those problems.

Stronger Call-to-Action

It also needs a more refined call to action. We’re going to talk about call to action here in a moment but it needs a good strong call to action. It has a weak call to action which is the phone number. For example, “How secure is your IT infrastructure right now. We can carry out out a no obligation, on site inspection” and then an actual method for them to instantly contact you.

You don’t want them clicking away to something else, not call or email but once they click on that button it sends their name and email or they can click on the number with their phone and call immediately, something like that.

So your homepage needs the following 3 things.

  • A unique selling proposition
  • 600 words on the problems these small businesses face and the solutions you provide
  • A call to action that encourages them to contact you

Services Pages

Your Services page, again, should have 600 words and that is roughly 150 words on each of these 4 services you offer. My suggestion is that in some respect, these are very generic and I would try to make them a little less generic.

Increase Content and Specificity

Maybe 24/7 Remote Systems Management isn’t but IT Security Management, you may want to make it a little clearer what that means. Maybe Total IT Security Management because when you go to that page, that’s what’s talking about but in any case, there should be 150 words about each of those 4 things on this page with a link to those elements here.

Then when you get to your individual Services pages like the 24/7 Remote Systems Management, each of those pages should have at the very least 300 words on them. Those 300 words should have headings, subheadings, lists and emphasized text as I described earlier.

This is probably not a bad place for stock photo like you’ve got for your 24/7, some kind of a stock photo that’s a representative of the service.

Testimonials and Call-to-Action

You should have some kind of a testimonial on these Services pages that speaks to the service and these Services pages should have a call to action on them as well. It can be exactly the same as on the homepage but it should have that distilled call to action. And maybe the call to action is related specifically to 24/7 Remote Systems Management here.

So you say something like, “Come and take a look at your remote systems and we’ll talk about how we can help you with the remote management” or “We can do the remote management for you” but in any case it needs 300 words using headings and lists.

The content, as we talked about earlier, needs to be directed, it needs to be localized. You should add the social proof and you should add a call to action and that’s the same for all 4 of these Services pages.

Why Hire Use Page

Then the “Why Hire Us” just needs to get entirely redone. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings but nobody cares about any of this kind of thing. Nobody cares about your staff, they’re not hiring you because of your staff. They may ultimately continue to hire you because of your staff, right? They may say Joe Blow on your staff is so good, I just have to keep coming back to them but that’s not it at first.

Focus on Customer’s Problems And the Solutions

They hire you because you solve their problems and that’s what this needs to be about. Not about you, not about your focus on security, not because you listen and learn, not because you speak plain English but because you solve their problems.

If their problem is security then you can speak to that. If their problem is that their subcontractors don’t listen to them then you can speak to that. If their problem is their contractor’s talk to them in jargon and they never understand anything that they say then you can speak to that but it’s their problems that you’re trying to solve.

That’s why they hire you because you’re going to solve their problems so toss that all the diligent, vigilant, caring, committed wording. What they want to know is you have the expertise to solve their problems and they can count on that.

Increase the Content

This wants to be 600 words so there needs to be plenty of content here. This is a good place for you to restate your unique selling proposition.

Add Proof of Expertise and Testimonials

This is a place where your proof of expertise links ought to go. So if you’re talking about a specific problem that they may have you could have a link off to an article you have about it or to a case study or you could have a list of case studies here that they can refer to and link off to.

This is also a place for social proof links so this is where testimonials should feature prominently. Why hire us? One, because we understand your problems. Two, our clients say that we’re terrific. Three, we’ve solved these problems before. Add the testimonials to that and then it should have the call to action again encouraging people to take the step to contact you for the evaluation.

Prices Page

Let’s go over to Prices. Your instinct is good, prices are a good thing to know but this information is not useful. What you want to do is tie these prices to your services so you want to have a description of your services with a valid suggestion of prices.

For example, if you are going to come in and do the total patch management where you make sure all of the devices are up to date all the time and you make sure that everything is always patched and services are always running correctly then you want to give them an idea of what that price range looks like.

The same thing is true with support. So if you’re providing them with 24/7 Remote Systems Management and you have a support system where they can immediately get support then that’s the kind of thing you want to tell them about because £20 for 15 minutes, £500 for a visit on site for the day doesn’t give your customer any way of judging what this does for them.

Your current prices doesn’t help them solve their problems and this doesn’t give them enough information. The only way that this is going to be useful to them is if you equate a solution and a price. I think it’s a great idea, you just need to revamp it.

And this probably wants to be another one of those pages where it’s 600 words and where you talk about the solutions and the cost of those solutions. If you’re not going to do that then I wouldn’t bother with it. I think it’s a very good idea, it helps you scope your potential customers.

If you’re going to give them 2 hours of free consulting time which is what you’re offering, you don’t want the guy who says, “Well, gosh I thought this would cost me 19.95 a month”, right? You want the guy who knows it’s going to cost him £10,000 a year to have this system but it’s going to safeguard hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of a data so that’s what you’re after.

The Blog Page

Let’s move on to the Blog page.

Rename the Page to Articles

First, I would rename the title Blog. Blog just doesn’t sound professional enough. Maybe it’s not that way in the UK, maybe Blog is a perfectly professional term for what you’re doing but I would just call it Articles. Articles is probably a more respectable term for the technical side of what you’re talking about.

What the Articles Should Focus On

Then secondly, all of your blog posts should be 600 words or more and they should all solve a problem. They should all demonstrate expertise. The reason why you’ve got this post is both to attract search engine traffic and to demonstrate your expertise.

Again, they should be focused on solving people’s problems, how you can solve those problems and they should demonstrate your expertise or how you have solved the problem, right? It could be, “We just recently finished a project for a client that blah, blah”, anything like that.

Minimum Number and Frequency of Posting

As a minimum, you should have 3 blog posts but having a single blog post is not enough. At a minimum you should have at least 3 blog posts and on a site like this and you should probably plan on adding an article once a month or something like that. It’s not like a typical blog so you don’t have to blog all the time but you should be adding fresh content and relevant content.

You’re looking for circumstances where your customer base is being exploited. You’re looking for places where IT security systems are being breached or you’re looking for relevant news or breaking news on IT security and then you’re writing a post about that.

That keeps you in front of the search engines and it gets you maybe a toe hold ahead of some of the more established sites because you’re talking about something that’s immediately relevant. Anyway, you need at least 3 posts and I would focus on emerging threats as opposed to more general posts.

The Special Report

The Special Report is good but I would flesh this out to make it 300 words so it’s a little bit more descriptive of what the report is. And then I would take it off of the menu and instead I would put a link to it from your Services pages or from your Home page. You can also put a link into your call to action.

I don’t think it wants to be on the menu specifically because we’re going to put other items on the menu. We’re going to put Case Studies on the menu and Testimonials on the menu so you’ve got to make room for those and I would make room for it by pulling the Special Report off but I would expand the introduction.

About Us Page

About Us, really this needs to be entirely revamped. Again, it should give a full description of Faris’ credentials. So “A 15-year IT Industry veteran” should turn into something like, “I’ve been working as an IT coordinator for mid-size companies”.

It should be specific about how you’ve solved their kinds of problems in the past, maybe it should include your education credentials and it might want to include association credentials if there’s such a thing. It should include what it means that you’ve been a senior engineer.

It should tell some of your personal story. You hint at your personal story here that you grew frustrated at the poor level of service offered by most IT companies. And it could be very easy for you to turn that into, “In working at these companies, I observed” and then you could be more expansive about it and it demonstrated to you that there’s a market for real customer service oriented IT security business.

So you could focus on that there but this About Us page isn’t really meant to be about you, it’s really about them and so you want to make sure that the About Us content is still focused on solving the clients’ problems.

Now, the personal story is great and the personal introduction is great but it needs to be fleshed out. It needs to be quite a bit longer and it needs to make people certain that you are a trustworthy person and that you have the experience necessary in order to help them and it should help them connect with you personally a bit.

Contact Us Page

The Contact Us page should also be removed from the menu. You can put a link to the Contact page on the About Us page, you could also put a link to the Contact Us page in the bottom footer or something like that but we need to make room here for developing new content like Case Studies and Testimonials.

So I think that that’s another menu item that should be removed. I think you have the right number of menu items, 8. Eight is the maximum number of menu items you should consider. You could go down to 6 or 7 but you shouldn’t have any more than 8 up here.

So that’s how to revamp your existing content. Prescription 1 is to learn something about how to write the content and number 2 is to redevelop all of your existing content according to those specific things I suggested.

#3 – Develop a Call to Action and Insert it in Every Pages

Prescription number 3 is to develop a call to action and insert it into the appropriate pages. The call to action in this case is going to be a headline and this is probably a great headline, “Free Onsite IT Security Assessment & Report”, that’s probably great. It should have a good call to action or headline, it should have a great but brief description.

In this case, “One of our IT Security Guards could visit your premises for a couple of hours to assess your IT systems and security”, this makes a great description but what you should do here is in this section maybe do a little bit better job of making sure that they understand that this isn’t just a sales call, right?

These businesses are all getting sales calls all the time so this isn’t just a sales call. What you’re doing is you’re going to go give them some good information and you also tell them what you’ll charge them to do the work but whether you charge them or not, you’re going to give them information that they can use.

You want to make sure that in your description you have a reassurance that it’s just not a sales pitch and then you need a button and that button needs to ask them to do an action. I want to use my site as a bad example actually because somebody just observed this about my site and I actually agree with it.

I’ve got this thing that says, “Subscription Options”. That’s actually not a very good call to action, right? “Save $100.00 on Membership Now!”, that’s a pretty good headline but this should be “Start Learning Now” or “Save $100.00 Now!” or something like that. So that’s my own advice about myself and something I hope to have time to fix but there should be some kind of a button here.

Effective Contact Form

My suggestion probably would be that your call to action take the form of a contact form so that there’s a place for them to put their name and email address and then maybe the call to action button says, “Contact Me” or “Yes I’d like to Set Up an Appointment”, something like that.

It should suggest that they act by clicking on that button and upon clicking on that button it makes them contact you. And I think that should also just include the clickable phone number in that call to action as well. So you’ve got the right thing, “Call or Email Us Now” but it shouldn’t be a link off to something else, once you click that button it should do the thing you want it to do.

#4 – Add Important SEO Elements

Number 4 is to do all the SEO that we talked about for your existing content so that’s custom titles, custom meta descriptions and you have to fix your tagline.

I forgot to point that out but your tagline is a problem for you here. You have “Just another WordPress site” as your tagline. That’s happening automatically because you don’t have a good tagline and you can fix that by going over to your dashboard and then coming down to Settings and General. Oh, you’ve got a good tagline, okay there you go.

Your tagline is fine so that just means that Google is taking a long time to index it and so making the changes I’ve listed is going to be important to kick that into play because right now Google’s index of your site is so old that it’s got the bad tagline.

Changes to Make on Each Page

You need to set up those internal links from page to page. So you’ve got to add custom titles, meta descriptions and internal links from pages to pages I talked about and then one other thing I just want to say is forget the gimmicks.

Remove “Gimmicky” Plugins

Something I have observed by looking at your site is you’ve got some gimmick plugins like Ping Optimizer, Post to Ping and I don’t think you need the Shareaholic because you’re not really using that stuff. WP OnlyWire Auto Poster, List Eruption v2, just throw all that stuff away. All of those things are gimmicks to try to sort of extend the real substance of Search Engine Optimization and I would just delete them and then ignore them altogether.

You don’t want to spend any time on the gimmicks for a number of reasons. One of them is that Google hates them so as soon as Google’s algorithm starts targeting them your site gets targeted. The second reason is that you can spend a bunch of energy on that and it’s really not going to do you any good, right?

I wouldn’t spend any time on gimmicks, no traffic blasters, no add a thousand Facebook likes, no get hundreds of backlinks, none of these sort of quick solution SEO things. Just ignore them all, when one comes up say it’s a scheme I’m not going to bother with it.

It doesn’t really matter what it is, none of those things are useful in the long run and they all serve to attempt to fool Google into thinking that you have useful content and you don’t want to fool Google into that, you just want to give it useful content. You don’t need to fool Google into that anymore so get rid of all that.

#5 – Set Up Google Webmaster Tools

Prescription number 5 is to coordinate with Google which means you need to set up your Google Webmaster Tools account. I see you’ve got Google XML Sitemaps. You need to submit your sitemap to your webmaster tools account so that it knows it’s there and that combined with corrected content should fix your indexing problem.

Number 1 was fix all that content and number 5 is to coordinate with Google because once you’ve got the content fixed then Google will do a much better job of indexing your content and delivering your content . So set up your webmaster tools account, make sure you submit your sitemap in the webmaster tools account and set up your analytics. That way you can see what kind of traffic your site is getting.

#6 – Add Social Proof

Item number 6 is to add social proof. As I said already, this involves both testimonials and getting your business contact information added. Put your business contact information on every page, put a clickable mobile phone number on the heading and put it on every page.

You need to demonstrate to potential customers that you are actually a legitimate business by providing legitimate business information and then go beg for testimonials. Don’t make them up obviously and don’t go to Fiverr and pay somebody to write you a testimonial. Really do your best to get real testimonials.

Add every real testimonial you get to the site and make sure that your social proof is prominent because that’s one of the things people are going to seriously consider. Also if it’s all in West London or if it’s all in the Greater London area note that so that when XYZ business is recommending you or is thanking you for the great job you did that other businesses in the same area are going to be familiar with that business. That will raise your currency.

#7 – Prove the Expertise

Number 7 is to prove your expertise and what that means is two things. First, add some great case studies and add some more blog posts. The case studies you’re going to create should be 600 to 1200 words long, they should match the services. If you’re just starting out, these case studies can be case studies for businesses that you’ve worked for in the past. It doesn’t necessarily have to be current as long as it’s your own work and as long as it represents the work that you do and the work you can provide.

Write those up as case studies and they should be 600 to 1200 words. They should spell out the problems clients had before you were there, the solutions that you provided and all of that should be tied in to the services that you provide.

And then, as I already said, add more blog posts with a focus on emerging threats so that you can start getting recognition because you’re talking about the newest issues.

#8 – Set Up Localization

Item number 8 is set up localization. So that means setting up your Google+ account. If you don’t set up your Google+ account, set up your Google authoring so that your face gets added to your blog posts in search results. Set up your Google+ business page so that Secured Tech has a page and you can ask people to follow it, you can invite people to join it and you can publish articles on your Google page.

One of the minimum business requirements these days is that you have these things. Then you should also set up a Google places page and that means it ends up with a place on the map. That’s one of the critical aspects of localizing your content. If you have a Google places setup then Google knows that you’re in London or Google knows you’re focused on West London.

Right now Google doesn’t know anything about your location and so if somebody is in the UK or in London and they’re searching for your services, Google doesn’t know that you are relevant in search results. So this whole localization thing includes setting up all these Google authoring page and places pages so that your location is tied to your website.

Somebody says the new places is now Google+ business and that’s correct. It’s Google+ pages. They keep changing the name of it and changing the way it works but regardless of that because you are a local business providing services to a specific locality, you want to take full advantage of that Google local system.

I don’t do that with BYOBWebsite because my business is not local but I did do it with my Architects website because I was providing architectural services only to a specific locale.

#9 – Develop a Unique Selling Proposition

Now that you’ve gotten through those 8 points you can take a little bit of a breather and take sometime to really develop your unique selling proposition. Your unique selling proposition should tell why somebody should decide to do business with you rather than all of the rest of your competition. What is it that is unique to you that none of your competition has? This is the reason why they should ignore all of the rest of the competition and choose to do business with you.

This is something that takes time, it takes a lot of thinking about and you might even hire somebody to help you figure it out but it’s an important thing for you to do and for you to refine.

You’re going to create your message early on and put it on your homepage. Then setup the rest of your site up and get it functioning properly. After that is when you can take a step back and think hard about that again at your leisure and come up with a more refined unique selling proposition. Then find ways to work that message throughout the rest of your site.

#10 – Review and Revamp the Content

Number 10 is going back and revamping your content again. I suggest you read the CopyBlogger article and then try to implement the ideas and that’s getting you well on your way having everything work out right.

But, in fact, if you really want to do well you probably need to continue to improve the way you write those pages and the way you empathize with your customer, the way you identify their problems and the way you propose the solutions. You may want to hire a copywriter or work on becoming a better copywriter.

Either way, that is a process of educating yourself on how to write good copy or hiring somebody to help you write good copy and then going back to those pages once they’re all fleshed out and revamping them somewhat to make them better at selling your services.

I put this at the end because what’s most important is actually fleshing out the whole content. This is an iterative process. You’ve got a great skeleton so you start with that skeleton, now you go back to the skeleton and start adding meat to it. You start getting it better and you refine that whole thing until that’s a functioning entity.

Then you can go back to it and refine it and make it better and better. That’s really what 9 and 10 are about, that process of you becoming better at making your website better or you’re hiring somebody to improve that aspect of your website. That’s my whole prescription.

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