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Website Review – – Part 8 – Question and Answer

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Rick: Now what we’re going to do is go to Faris and chat with him for a minute. So Faris your microphone is unmuted, do you have any questions about that? Did I hurt your feelings?

Faris: Not at all, not all. All true and very valuable. I was taking a lot of note and hope the recording will be here as well.

Rick: We’ll have the recording, I’m also going to send you the outline. I made this checklist kind of outline here for the prescription.

Faris: Oh, excellent.

Rick: All that so I’m going to in fact, I’m going to share that with you right now and see you have it.

Faris: Excellent, that’s very good. I mean in terms of social proof, there are a lot of things I can add to the site. As I said to you earlier Rick I’m starved for time but that shouldn’t be an excuse. First of all I’m, Cisco certified, I am CCMP, I am Microsoft certified, I’m also holding a masters in Information Systems Engineering all that I can add to my site.

Rick: So you’ve got all kinds of proof then.

Faris: Absolutely.

Rick: So that’s what you need to tell people. You need to give people the proof.

Faris: And in terms of professional job myself, I used to be a European Network Administrator for a very big company, I used to be a project lead for a transport for London so there are a lot of things I can modify and can add for social proof.

I have the same employees since 2005 so yes, this is a new company or I’m taking my company now to the next level, preparing to hire a more skilled and more dedicated IT security professionals by January. I’m working very hard to get out of this 9-15 which is really consuming my time so I’ve got a lot to offer and now from the notes I’ve taken and from the things that will set me out of working at least on one thing on a weekly basis.

So I’ll improve it. And I really appreciate it, it is like going back to a university for me.

Rick: Well that’s good. Obviously you have the perfect starting place. It’s well thought out, well organized, you’ve got the perfect bare bones, now all you have to do is flesh it out.

Faris: Absolutely and location wise I’m in a very, very strategic West London area. I mean my current contract is with BA – British Airport Authorities and I’m solely deploying a Cisco network on to revamping Heathrow’s terminal 2 so you know, I’m picking a lot of experience from there.

Rick: Sure.

Faris: I really thank you for very thorough review of the site. There are many many thing that I will be working on from tomorrow morning.

Rick: Good. Okay we’re going to open it up to questions then here.

Faris: Before I go, don’t forget the Thesis 2 you said you’re going to do the conversion to Thesis 2.

Rick: Yes, so don’t go but I’ll take some questions here and then we’ll do that.

Faris: Okay. I’m not going, I’m here.

Rick: Well, actually there aren’t a whole bunch of questions here either. I’m going to unmute Sharon’s microphone. Hi Sharon.

Sharon: Hi can you hear me?

Rick: I can.

New Business Call-to-Action

Sharon: So this actually is about our business concepts. That’s what you’ve been addressing so well today, I really appreciate that and I took a lot of notes. I have a client whose site I’m working on, it’s a new business and he’s offering a 10% discount across the board above his certain minimum. He also would like to collect some email addresses, it’s for closet organization company. He’s been in construction and he’s focusing now on closet organization in various parts of the house.

Now, I at first thought that he would put on the website a 10% discount for above X dollars but then while you’re talking I thought maybe it is better to do that to show a discount on the website or to have them say, click here or sign up to get a special discount and that’s essentially forcing them to give their email address in order to get the discount which by the way is freely available actually. You know it’s a come on.

Rick: Yeah, I think it would be very useful to say click here to get a 10% discount because then in the email, he can just immediately follow up with an email saying you got your 10% discount in the mail, you want me to come over and give you a price, right?

Sharon: Yes, yes. By the way, about filling up the form again, this is closet organization so it’s a local business within 25 miles or something. You require their name, is it a good idea to require their town or be their phone number or both?

Rick: No, I don’t think so. I would only require the email address and their name.

Sharon: Yes

Rick: And then you could put phone number and city or something like that if you wanted to but

Sharon: Okay.

Rick: The more you require them to give, the less likely they are to hit the button.

Sharon: Yeah. It’s still in process would you be able to take a quick look? I want to ask you something before I tell him.

Rick: Sure

Graphics Questions

Sharon: Well, the client is asking for something. First of all I did stress the local aspect of it you know, I put it right upfront because of that

Rick: Yeap

Sharon: Oh, now this is curious. My version though, I put that texture, you see the texture on the side? He said he would like to have a wood grain texture there you see instead of wood grain, my reaction is that would give it a cheesier look. I’m using your linen text right now

Rick: Right, right.

Sharon: And I love it but apparently he doesn’t, he wants a wood grain. I feel, my reaction is that would look cheesy but I’m also open to it if others think that it’s really not appropriate.

Rick: I’m not a designer and I never answer questions like that but

Sharon: Oh, okay.

Rick: But sometimes less is more.

Sharon: If you just take it off altogether, take off the fabric altogether?

Rick: Well, not necessarily but I just would tell him that sometimes the more graphics you have on it the less effective it is. He’s got good strong photos already

Sharon: Yeah, he’s got a whole bunch.

Rick: I would let the good strong photos do the job and not be too worried about any other fancy stuff. That’s my opinion.

Sharon: Okay.

Rick: Okay. So is that it?

Sharon: No. Okay, hold on where is the mute?

Minimum Number of Words on the Front Page

Rick: Okay well I think we just lost her so I’m going to switch over to Geoffrey. Hey good afternoon Geoffrey I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

Geoffrey: I wasn’t expecting you to call on me, I thought maybe you’ll just answer my question extemporaneously there. I was just wondering when you mention 600 words on the front page. I’m doing a site right now that’s more of a portal style and it doesn’t really lend itself to that naturally. Is that something you consider for search engine as critical for a front page if I have several 600+ pages at 2nd level and 3rd level on the site?

Rick: Well not necessarily, no. If you’ve got plenty of other content elsewhere that may be fine but the thing is that, your front page needs to have some content.

Geoffrey: Right.

Rick: Right? That’s what’s wrong with this child theme, there’s no content on this, right? The recent articles doesn’t qualify as content because that’s always changing there’s just nothing here and that’s what’s wrong with the portal style skin I guess.

Geoffrey: Right

Rick: It doesn’t have anything that the search engines are interested in indexing that will draw somebody to your homepage.

Geoffrey: Okay. Because I’ve seen some of the big wigs are starting to go that route but it makes sense if they’re getting their traffic through social media and name recognition and that sort of thing, they don’t have to worry as much about having the front page or the landing page at the front page of their sites for organic search traffic.

Rick: That’s exactly right. You know they get to some point where Google knows that they’re relevant result whether there’s text on the homepage or not.

Geoffrey: Right.

Rick: But I think when you’re starting out that’s not necessarily the case.

Geoffrey: Right.

Rick: And in that case, because the homepage is always going to be the most visited page it still wants to be…you want to be able to sell yourself on that page.

Geoffrey: Yeap, that makes perfect sense. Okay. Have you had any problems with Thesis 2.1 in the Google Analytics code being a plugin into the dashboard?

Rick: Not me.

Geoffrey: Okay, I guess I’ll be on the call tomorrow with you then looking for, you help me troubleshoot that.

Rick: Okay, no problem.

Geoffrey: And as I mentioned to you I do have that first hour recorded if you want me to get it to you.

Rick: You know, that would be spectacular if you wouldn’t mind.

Geoffrey: Save you an hour.

Rick: Yeah and it would.

Geoffrey: I’m just going to scan it because I think I opened my email briefly during that so I’ll make sure there’s nothing that can’t be seen and then I’ll get it to you as an mp4.

Rick: Okay, that would be perfect. Thank you very much.

Geoffrey: Great. You bet.

Rick: Okay, bye. Somebody asked, do I have any information on my website about how to setup a Google business page. No I do not but I have another customer in the UK that I have promised to do a Google seminar for using his site so we are going to do that here soon but no, I don’t have anything like that yet.

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