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Genesis Seminars

In addition to the Genesis Theme seminars shown below, our beginner’s video tutorial course, Start Building Your Website Here, is taught in Genesis. We also have two eCommerce video tutorial courses taught in Genesis, Sell Your Digital Products with WP eStore and Create an online store with WooCommerce. And we have an ongoing beginner’s video tutorial course that shows you how to customize Genesis, Customize the Genesis Theme Like a Pro.

All the Basics of Using Genesis 2

Here you will learn about the benefits of using Genesis Theme 2 for a small business website and how Genesis and Child Themes work. We also cover which Child Themes are suitable for small business websites. Then we delve into the specifics of using Genesis from installing it for the first time to setting up the layout and each of the Pages. If you are new to Genesis 2 this seminar is perfect for you.

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Introduction to HTML for WordPress & Genesis 2 Users

WordPress is great because it doesn’t force you to learn HTML to use it. However, many folks find that not knowing HTML places limitations on what they can do. Unfortunately learning HTML can be an arduous process, especially because much of what you would typically learn isn’t relevant in WordPress. This seminar bridges the gap between learning HTML and leaning HTML that will be useful to you as a WordPress (and Genesis 2) user.

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How to Choose Between Thesis 2.1 and Genesis 2.0 for Building Your Website

Trying to decide which theme, Thesis or Genesis, is best to use for your small business website? Watch this seminar where we discuss the fundamental differences between the two, availability of high quality designs, built in SEO features, availability of 3rd party addons, the ease of customizing the appearance, the ease of customizing the functionality and finally, the learning curve. I make recommendations for Beginners, DIY Web Builders and Web Designers. These videos are available to free members.

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Introduction to Creating Child Themes for Genesis 2.0

Genesis is designed to be used and customized with child themes. While the typical Genesis user may choose to modify an existing child theme this has the disadvantage of preventing them from upgrading that child theme in the future. Web design professionals and savvy DIY website builders are better off learning how to create their own child themes from scratch. In this seminar you will learn the basics of child theme development with Genesis 2.0.

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Bee Crafty Theme Quickstart Guide

The Bee Crafty Child Theme for Genesis is a very highly customizable WordPress theme. It is designed for graphic intensive sites like craft sites, artist portfolio sites and photography sites. In this seminar we look at its various configuration options and demonstrate how to configure and customize it. We also take an indepth look at the use of images in the theme and make recommendations about image sizes.

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