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Specialty Seminars

This is a diverse group of specialty seminars that we taught for WordPress users. There are topics here for both beginner and intermediate level users of WordPress. If you have a request for a specialty topic, please let us know. We are always interested in presenting new material at your request.

Coordinate Your Site with Google My Business

In this seminar we talk about the benefits of having a Google My Business page and then show you how to set it up step by step. You’ll also learn how to setup multiple managers for a single business page and how to link your Google Accounts to your website.

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10 Strategies Every DIY Website Builder Should Know

Here we present our 10 strategies for keeping on track and getting your site completed. These strategies come from lessons we’ve learned over the last few years helping clients get their sites finished. We discuss the difficulties for the DIY site builder and how to overcome them. So, if you’re just beginning to develop your site or you’re stuck in the process watch this seminar! These videos are available to free members.

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Supercharge Your SEO with Schema

Learn all about Schema, what it is and why it’s useful for Search Engine Optimization and how to use it. We cover how to use Schema in both Genesis 2 Themed websites and Thesis 2 Themed websites. The seminar concludes with a detailed explanation of how to add Review Schema to testimonials with the BYOB Testimonials Publishing System.

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Supercharge Your Video SEO with Schema

This is our follow up seminar to Supercharge Your SEO with Schema for Genesis 2 and Thesis 2 sites but here we focus specifically on video schema in the Thesis 2 Theme. You will learn why Schema is important for video SEO and how to implement it on a Thesis 2 site using our BYOB Video Publishing System.

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Getting Started with Email Marketing

If you know that you should be using email marketing but aren’t sure how to get started, then this seminar is for you! Chris Davis, a well respected email marketer, talks about why you should use email marketing and how to get started. This seminar is intended for an absolute beginner, all the basics are covered including what your first message should contain and email marketing survival tips. These videos are available to free members.

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Beyond Basic SEO – Practical Strategies

We held this seminar to provide practical SEO strategies that you can use on any kind of WordPress site from blogs to ecommerce sites. We look specifically at three different member sites (two kinds of online stores and a real estate agent’s site) and discuss strategies that each of them can employ. Some of the issues covered are SEO for products, duplicate content, internal linking, content creation and use of keywords in the context of the latest changes from Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. These videos are available to free members.

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Understanding the Position Property

Learn how to use the CSS position property to position HTML elements. In this seminar we examine what the property is, what it can do, how to use it.

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Install, Set Up and Begin Using NetBeans 7.0

Learn how to download and install the program (we show you which version to select) and then how to set it up, open files and write your first CSS rule in this updated series on using NetBeans. NetBeans is an open source (free) software tool that you can use as a code editor.

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Managing and Creating Domains at

If you are using Ipower or intend to use it for your hosting company, here you will learn about the Domain Registrar and how Primary, Addon and Subdomains work at Ipower.

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