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Lesson 9 – Upgrade to Shopp 1.2.1

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In this final lesson of our Build an Online Store Using Shopp we show how to upgrade to Shopp 1.2.1. We begin with backing up the site which is our standard recommendation for all upgrades. Then we upgrade Shopp and the addons we used for this site,, USPS and Amazon S3. We move on to upgrading our Shopp customization files and exploring the new features in 1.2.1. We finish the lesson by customizing the Category Template.

Backup the Site – Watch the Video

Perform the Automatic Upgrade – Watch the Video

Upgrade Shopp Add-ons – Watch the Video

  • Download Addons

    • – directory
    • USPS – file
    • Amazon S3 – directory
  • Replace Existing with New

Upgrade Customization Files – Watch the Video

  • New Template Files
  • Shopp Old
  • Shopp New
  • Move Customization Files
  • Replace Missing Files

What’s New in Shopp 1.2? – Watch the Video

  • Interface

    • Shopp
    • Catalog
    • Orders
  • Shopp Pages

    • Double Check Menu
  • WordPress Integration

    • Custom Post Types
    • Custom Taxonomies

Customize the Shopp Category Template – Watch the Video

  • Featured Products

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