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Lesson 9 – Part 1 – Backup the Site

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Rick: What we’re going to do is upgrade to Shopp 1.2.1, upgrade the add-ons, take a tour then we’re going to do a customization.

BackupBuddy Site Backup

The very first thing to do is just to back the site up by going to backup and restore in BackupBuddy and I think what we’ll do before we back this up is make sure that we’re not backing up more than one WordPress install here so we’ll look at the settings real quickly.

We’re not going to do this one or this one or this one or this one. There were a bunch of other things in here so we’re just going to remove all of those from this backup and we’ll create a password then we’ll just do a full backup. Oh I see, you did a full backup 4 hours ago.

Member: Yeah.

Rick: The full backup you did ended up backing up the entire content of your root and web server directory. This is just going to backup the, it won’t backup anything else.

Member: There’s a visible error there.

Rick: I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear that.

Member: There’s a little error there. There is an error message at the top there under subdirectories.

Rick: That was what gave me this hint that I needed to go check. So we completed the backup, it’s 100%. That backup is finished so we can proceed here with confidence.

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